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Initially Florida Detox® became famous for developing the most painless opiate detox in America. The Sponaugle protocol for detox has been featured on Dr Phil, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and Ricki Lake. However, patient feedback revealed that detox and counseling were not enough to prevent relapse. Patients explained that their brain “felt more normal” while they were on their medications!

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Florida Detox® research uncovered the reason addiction is a neurobiological and biochemical disorder. It’s about brain chemistry! Florida Detox® addresses brain chemistry issues with its     Scientific Addiction Treatment. Doctors will normalize brain chemistry in addicted patients so they no longer crave the biochemical effect of their medication. This stops their cravings making it easier for our patients to avoid relapse.

Addiction Research at Florida Detox®

By the year 2000, Dr. Sponaugle and Florida Detox® were leading the world in addiction research. Dr. Sponaugle began correlating drug craving patterns with various brain chemistry patterns and changes seen on his patient’s brain scans. Brain scan research at Florida Detox® proved that addicted patients use drugs and medications to stimulate underactive brain regions and to calm overactive brain regions.

Why Florida Detox® Relapse Rates Are Low

With knowledge from our sophisticated addiction research, Florida Detox® doctors have extraordinary brain expertise. Florida Detox® doctors can diagnose and treat the underlying “biochemical” cause of your addiction. Our brain expertise is unavailable at other detox centers, therefore, nationwide, patients continue to relapse. National relapse rates are as high as 80 % while Florida Detox® relapse rates average only 9 %!

Because Florida Detox® consistently produces the lowest relapse rates in The Untied States,  the White House invited Dr. Sponaugle to speak about his scientific addiction treatment. Florida Detox® doctors know how to diagnose and treat the underlying “biochemical” cause of your drug addiction.


Why Has the Number of Addicted Americans Tripled Since 1980?

The prevalence of drug addiction in America has tripled in 30 years because the number of Americans suffering with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and panic disorder has tripled since 1980 – Addicted patients are simply using drugs and alcohol to calm their anxious brains.

Brain Chemistry and Drug Craving Patterns

A common brain chemical deficiency makes people feel more normal on drugs like OxyContin and Cocaine. It also causes alcoholic patients to binge alcohol, they can’t have just one! If you fit the following personality profile, you may suffer from an undiagnosed brain chemistry issue that we often correct in Florida Detox® patients.

You feel more focused, more energetic and much happier [essentially “more normal”] when you use an opiate medication like Percoet, Vicodin, Roxycodone or OxyContin. When taking opiates, you have more energy and you “get stuff done.”

You might have experienced a similar effect with Cocaine, Marijuana or even Alcohol, but opiates seem to be the best drug for normalizing your brain function. When you don’t take opiates, you fall into a black hole and you can barely get out of bed.

You have difficulty turning your brain off at bed time because you lie awake thinking about things you want to do tomorrow. You are often impatient, especially in traffic and you are the driver honking at the slow pokes when the light turns green. You are always in a hurry and usually late for your appointments, often because you procrastinated until the last minute and because you tend to over commit for the set time allowed, you routinely attempt to pack 12 hours of planned activities into an 8 hour day.

You are easily bored and constantly looking for action. Unlike your spouse, you don’t sit very long in your beach chair because you have got to find out what is on the other side of that jetty. You enjoy driving fast and find yourself more relaxed and more alive when taking a turn at twice the recommended speed. You like changing the plan, going to see new places and meet new people.

You find yourself interrupting people when they think or talk too slow, not because you are rude, because you will forget what you wanted to say if you have to wait for their slow motion sentence to end.

You have many gifts that others might not appreciate. You are more of a visionary, you like thinking and talking about the bigger picture, not the mundane details which you prefer to let someone else handle. Your brain can automatically see that point A is connected to point D. You wonder why others see that A is connected to B which is connected to C which is connected to D.

You often think of better and faster ways to get a job done and are frustrated when you ask others, “Why can’t we do it this way?” and the only answer you get is, “Well, because we’ve always done it that way.”

When we properly diagnose addicted patients with this personality profile, we optimize their brain chemistry and their brain function. We not only stop their biochemical drug craving, they enjoy a better quality of life. Their relationships improve and they become much more efficient in the work place, those who own their own business, often double their productivity within three months of our treatment.


If you have acquired an excessive level of toxins in your brain, a phenomenon called neurotoxicity, you may be using drugs to calm overactive brain regions. Florida Detox®  research has proven that most addicted patients suffer from neurotoxicity which causes an over electrified brain. If you are neurotoxic, your brain scan would look like the toxic brain scan seen below and you would crave opiate medications like OxyContin and/or drugs like Xanax and Klonopin to calm your anxious brain. You might also like the calming effect of alcohol.
At Florida Detox®, our Brain and Body Wellness Program not only prevents relapse, it also reverses years of aging caused by drug addiction and alcoholism. Many patients look and feel 10 years younger by the time they leave Florida Detox®.

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