Runway model spent $1.3 million from Age 23 to 33 on failed treatment.

Lyme Disease Treatment – Click here to read more. Mold Toxicity Treatment – Click here to read more. I was a runway model until age 23 when I suddenly became a sickly person who had difficulty getting out of bed. … Continue reading

Painless Outpatient Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Treatment – Click here to read more. Florida Detox® & Wellness Institute – Painless Outpatient Alcohol Treatment We are excited to report that we can now treat our alcohol patients in an outpatient setting. Our continuous effort to improve our alcohol … Continue reading

Suzanne Somers: "Breaking Through" - Dr. Rick Sponaugle Sheds Light on Surprising Reason for Addiction (VIDEO)

“Did you know that rates of depression, anxiety, and insomnia have TRIPLED since 1980? What the heck is going on with us in this country? Are we all just addictive personalities, is it a matter of overdiagnosing, or is there … Continue reading

Mold Toxicity Killing Americans Slowly

Mold Toxicity Treatment – Click here to read more. Mold Toxicity – Advanced Treatment for Mold Toxicity Mold Toxicity Is Slowly Killing Millions of Americans Dr Sponaugle has HLA-DRBQ genetics and personally suffered severe mold toxicity in 2006. His hospital … Continue reading

Dr. Rick Sponaugle Reverses Alzheimer's Findings on PET SCAN

Dr. Sponaugle learned how to heal the brains of Alzheimer’s patients through treating the brain damage caused by drug addiction and alcoholism in thousands of his addicted patients. In fact, the brain scan of patients addicted to opiate pain medication … Continue reading

Dr Rick Sponaugle applauds Rick Scott for signing “Pill Mill Bill”

Dr Rick Sponaugle, Medical Director of Florida Detox & Wellness Institute, applauds Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi and our own local State Senator Mike Fasano for their efforts in passing the “pill mill” legislation. Doctors throughout America, including … Continue reading

MOLD Toxicity CAUSING Depression Anxiety Insomnia ADDICTION

Mold Toxicity Treatment – Click here to read more. Anxiety / Insomnia Treatment – Click here to read more. Depression Treatment – Click here to read more. At Florida Detox & Wellness Institute, Dr Rick Sponaugle is proving that many patients develop … Continue reading

Dr. Phil Recommends Florida Detox and Dr Sponaugle for Addiction Treatment

Dr. Phil Refers Stephanie to Florida Detox On the outside, 36-year-old Stephanie looks perfectly normal. But this single mother of four has a secret. “I’ve been taking Vicodin 12 years now,” she says. “Nobody ever would realize that I’m addicted … Continue reading

A Response to My Video Blog on the NFL Study - Dr. Daniel Amen

I have received a lot of very thoughtful and interesting responses to the video blog I posted about the recent study on NFL players and dementia. Here is one from Dr. Rick Sponaugle, Medical Director of Florida Detox and Wellness … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Rate Ten Times Higher, With Five Consecutive Flu Vaccinations

Alzheimer’s Treatment – Click here to read more. Mercury in Flu Shots SHOULD YOU GET THE FLU SHOT? By RFD Columnist, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, News reports have been flooding us with articles warning that the impending flu season may … Continue reading