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Have you been chasing cocaine or ‘crack-cocaine’? Do you continue to fight cocaine cravings even though you have attended several treatment centers? You ‘pray and attend meetings’, but you just can’t stop thinking about cocaine. At Florida Detox®, we have a successfull cocaine treatment program that has helped hundreds of patients. Our biochemical model of addiction treatment will stop your physiological and psychological craving for cocaine!

Stop Cocaine Withdrawals

Within two to four days of starting the Florida Detox® cocaine treatment program, you will say, “wow, how did you do it, my cocaine craving is gone?” How can we stop your cocaine craving when other addiction treatment has always failed? Because we will analyze, diagnose and adjust your individual brain chemistry! Consider this as a similar approach to your internist utilizing medication to treat your diabetes through adjustment of your insulin levels. Cocaine addiction is not about bad character or lack of willpower. It is all about self-medication. Our cocaine treatment will help you get back to your life quicker and safer than any other rehab program in the country.

Scientific Addiction Treatment | Cocaine Treatment

Recent advances in brain science have proven that some patients inherit lower than normal levels of dopamine, our primary ‘happy chemical’. This sounds logical! We know that diabetic patients don’t make enough insulin and we say, “Diabetes runs in my family!” Cocaine addicted patients state, “addiction runs in my family”. Well, we don’t suggest that diabetic patients go to ‘meetings’ five nights a week, and that if they do, their pancreas will produce more insulin. That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Then why do old fashioned and outdated addiction doctors attempt to treat addiction with 12 step counseling alone while ignoring and resisting exciting advances in brain science?

Medical and scientific knowledge doubles every 3.5 years. Brain science has grown exponentially over the last five years. The majority of America’s ‘addiction specialists’ are recovering doctors who became addictionologists by simply imitating the 12 step model they experienced as addicted patients. They resist treating patients with a more scientific biochemical model of addiction treatment. Why? Because the recent scientific discoveries invalidate what they believe about their personal recovery and treatment modalities they have professed for years. Multiple University studies have clearly proven that 12 step treatment alone, without integration of modern brain science fails, producing 80-90 percent relapse rates in the first year of treatment. This is the major difference between Florida Detox’s cocaine treatment and other rehabilitation centers.

Cocaine – Biochemical Mechanism

Cocaine produces a temporary surge in brain dopamine activity as it releases dopamine from brain storage units. Dopamine is a major excitatory chemical which activates electrical energy in brain cells. If certain regions of your brain experience lower than normal dopamine activity, your brain will crave dopamine to feel normal. Cocaine actually has a similar chemical structure to dopamine.


ADHD patients have an under active frontal brain. A genetic trait produces dopamine deficiency, but only in small areas of the prefrontal cortex (frontal lobes). Dopamine activates brain cell electricity. ADHD patients “feel more normal” when using any drug that increases frontal lobe activity. Drugs which release dopamine from brain cell storage units are cocaine, opiate pain pills (Vicodin, Oxycontin), alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine and nicotine.

Last year while interviewing Robert Shapiro, a famous Hollywood attorney, Larry King alluded to the abysmal (80-90 percent) relapse rates associated with historical addiction treatment – primarily the AA twelve step model. Robert Shapiro’s son, Brent, had just suffered a drug related death in spite of attending several $30,000-$50,000 ‘treatment programs’ on Malibu Beach.

Discussed in the interview, was the fact that Mr. Shapiro’s brilliant, law school bound son had ADHD. Larry King asked, “Is there any correlation?” Is there? Absolutely! Fifty-two percent of patients who are untreated for their ADHD become ‘drug addicts’ or ‘alcoholics’ by early adulthood. Amazingly, at Florida Detox®, we see patients every week who have completed five to ten nationally renowned treatment programs, all of which have failed to make the correct diagnosis. These patients were diagnosed ‘drug addict’ or ‘alcoholic’. These patients and their families had paid dearly ( on average, $30,000 per treatment) to be misdiagnosed!! They feel more hopeless after each failed treatment. The truth is the patient did not fail. Addiction medicine failed them!


Depression afflicted patients feel more “normal” on cocaine. Why? One of the specific regions of our brain which is dopamine sensitive is our natural ‘pleasure center’ (nucleus accumbens). Located within our emotional mid-brain, it is dopamine driven! Some patients inherit decreased dopamine activity in their pleasure center, suffer borderline depression and are then diagnosed dysthymic. They have difficulty getting excited about normally exciting events -for example on graduation day, wedding day, birthdays… Their inherited dopamine deficiency prevents them from experiencing the normal dopamine surge in their pleasure center.

In 2005, studies from our National Institute of Drug Addiction demonstrated that some patients inherit as much as 50 percent less (half) the normally expected dopamine activity in their pleasure center. Should we be surprised that these patients feel more “normal” on cocaine? They feel “whole” for the first time in their life! They are not attempting to get high, but high-er to reach a normal pleasure center activity.

Dr. Johnson, Chairman of Psychiatry at University of Virginia, and his colleagues, in May 2006 released a brilliant study comparing the ‘dopamine effect’ on the human pleasure center derived from three ‘drugs’ – food, sex, and cocaine! With the utility of PET brain imaging, patients were scanned before and after eating, experiencing orgasm and cocaine ingestion. Measuring the D2 dopamine happy receptor activity in the pleasure center (nucleus accumbens), the scientists discovered that eating elevated the D2 activity three times normal, sex raised it ten times normal and cocaine raised the D2 activity one hundred times normal. Wow! Dysthymic and depressed patients are a set up for food, sex, and cocaine addiction. They are simply trying to feel as good as the rest of us do normally!

In another study from NIDA, patients were divided into two groups; those with normal dopamine D2 activity in their pleasure center and those with half normal. Both groups were given IV Ritalin. Ritalin has a dopamine effect (dopaminergic) similar to cocaine. How do you think the two different groups responded?

The patients whose PET scan demonstrated normal D2 activity in their pleasure centers stated “I’m not really sure I need or like this.” However, the group of patients with severely low (half normal) dopamine activity stated, “Wow, I feel normal and whole inside for the first time in my life!” This 2005 study supports the statistics that suggest eleven percent of patients who “try cocaine” the first time say, “Hey, I want (need) that stuff everyday!” – clearly the people with low D2 activity. Eighty nine percent of patients who use cocaine for the first time state, “It’s okay, I might play with it on Saturday night, but I don’t really need it everyday.”

At Florida Detox®, we will measure your brain chemicals – dopamine, serotonin, glutamate, and many others – and design an individual treatment program for you. We can normally stop cocaine craving in nine of ten cocaine patients. Our inpatient program does not require that you necessarily leave your family or work for an extended period of time. You will stay in our inpatient unit for five days. And then we will follow-up your initial detox for three more months as an outpatient, as we continue to measure and optimize your brain chemistry through our biochemical makeover program, designed just for you.

Cocaine Testimonials

To: Dr. Sponaugle
From: Dean Morrison
Date: 07-01-08

For over 15 years, I have struggled with cocaine abuse. The time finally came that I realized that a change in my life was needed. The world of drugs and drug abuse was taking a toll on my body, mind and soul. I researched many treatment options and treatment centers. Many of the treatment centers seemed to be carbon copies of each other. They promoted tennis courts, art classes and mountain cabins, but seemed to be lacking real treatment options that would help me. Then I came across Florida Detox and decided that I would attend the seminar that is offered. The seminar was informative. Your explanation of brain chemistry and its function was detailed and easy to understand. One week later I started treatment at Florida Detox.

While I was undergoing inpatient detox treatment for cocaine abuse at Florida Detox, I became acquainted with many of the opiate treatment patients. We were involved in long, in depth conversations.

Before the detox treatment began, many of the conversations included talk of opiate withdrawal and the overwhelming craving that the opiate users go through. These conversations opened my eyes to the suffering the addiction is putting opiate users through. Most of the opiate users I spoke with commented that the main reason they continued to abuse the opiates was to avoid being “dope sick”. I was told that the withdrawal process an opiate user endures could be horrific for the user and everyone around them. One opiate detox patient described “dope sickness” as a “hellish nightmare that made that person feel that they would rather die then go through they physical and emotional pain of withdrawal”.

About 48 hours after the opiate detox treatment was administered to the opiate users, we were able to continue our conversations. Most of my fellow patients commented that the craving was no longer prevalent. They also commented that they did not experience the horrific physical withdrawal symptoms that the drug can place on the user. Many looked forward to living without opiates and started to plan on how to stay away from the drug world they formally were part of. Our conversations were filled with optimism and hope, much different then the conversations before the detox treatment began.

After being diagnosed with ADD, my treatment was simple and painless. Two hours after my detox treatment started, it was as if a switch was turned off in my brain. The craving for cocaine was turned off and I felt no withdrawal symptoms at all. Because of the treatment that I received, I have not, nor will I ever, use cocaine again to self medicate. Florida Detox gave me the chance to take back my life and I would like to thank you and the staff. I would like to give a special thanks to the nursing staff on the 7th floor. They are a special group of people on a special mission.

Thanks again,
Dean Morrison

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