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Safety should be your primary concern when choosing any detox program, especially a opiate detox program. Heart Surgeons from Kansas City recently chose Dr. Sponaugle and the Florida Detox® team to perform detox on their heart transplant patient.

Sarah, was not only their heart transplant patient, she was one of their CCU nurses. Sarah had developed a severe Oxycontin addiction of 3,200 mgs a day while attempting to treat her headaches. The University of Kansas professors needed the safest opiate detox in America.

You should also choose your detox program very carefully. Unfortunately, there are several dangerous opiate detox programs in America.

Dr. Sponaugle originally designed his Opiate Detox using guidance from a computerized heart monitor called trans- esophageal echocardiography. This high tech monitor measures the pumping function of the heart and the arterial resistance the heart pumps against. The Sponaugle opiate detox prevents surging adrenaline and therefore prevents vasoconstriction or squeezing of the heart’s arteries that causes heart attacks at other opiate detox centers.

Choose wisely and safely, choose like a heart surgeon, choose Dr. Sponaugle and the Florida Detox® team for your opiate detox.

The majority of the drug detox centers and the alcohol treatment centers in America are run by medical directors who lack specialty training in cardiac/intensive care medicine. These doctors lack the expertise needed to prevent dangerous adrenaline surges during opiate detox, Xanax detox and alcohol detox.

The Sponaugle opiate detox protects the heart and the brain from withdrawal-induced changes in reduction of heart blood flow. The Sponaugle technique for opiate detox is the perfect technique for any patient with cardiac disease.

Dr. Sponaugle’s opiate detox also prevents withdrawal-induced surges of electrical current in the brain – mini-seizures that occur for days and weeks in other detox centers. These mini-seizures are accepted as normal opiate withdrawal symptoms by addiction doctors at other drug detox centers.

Recent PET scan studies at the University of Toronto have revealed that traditional drug detox produces so much excessive electrical current in the brain that brain cells are actually destroyed.

Why have addiction doctors allowed detox patients to suffer nerve tremors and mini-seizures from excess electrical current?

Why have addiction doctors at other drug detox centers assumed that allowing patients to suffer days of twitching is a safe practice?

Because we were taught in medical school to be prejudice against addicted patients, furthermore, most physicians have little knowledge regarding drug detox physiology and the damage opiate withdrawal can cause.

The truth is that twitching and tremors do not have to be part of opiate detox or alcohol detox. Dr. Sponaugle does not allow any twitching in his opiate detox patients, Xanax detox patients or alcohol detox patients.

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