Fibromyalgia Treatment

Dr. Sponaugle specializes in many neurological disorders including Fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia is caused by excessive electrical current flowing throughout the nervous system. Excessive electricity flowing through the peripheral nervous system stimulates body wide muscle spasms and the production of “trigger points.”

Dr Sponaugle has performed clinical research on fibromyalgia patients which confirms they suffer from deficiencies of calming neurotransmitters in addition to excessive production of electrifying neurotransmitters. This imbalance can be corrected when the underlying cause is properly diagnosed.

Diagnosing the underlying cause[s] of fibromyalgia is much more beneficial than simply treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia with medication like Lyrica. Lyrica simply “turns down” the excess “electrical voltage.” Big Pharma would have you believe their “symptom treatment’ is the solution, however, masking the symptoms with an electrical dampening medication does nothing to correct the underlying health problem.


The common denominator in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients is neurotoxicity, the excessive accumulation of environmental toxins in the brain and peripheral nervous system. To effectively treat the underlying cause of fibromyalgia, we must properly diagnose the various sources of toxic accumulation.

Ninety percent of the fibromyalgia patients treated at Sponaugle Wellness Institute suffer from gut toxicity which is often diagnosed by other wellness centers, however, poorly treated. For more on gut toxicity and the mechanisms by which Gut toxicity causes an over electrified brain and an over electrified nervous system, please read the anxiety chapter on this website.

Dr Sponaugle wrote the anxiety and depression chapters on this website for the PBS bestselling book, “The Road to Perfect Health.”  Dr Sponaugle explains the biochemical mechanisms for the Gut – Brain connection.

Most fibromyalgia patients suffer from much more serious levels of toxicity than that produced by intestinal Dysbiosis and Candida overgrowth. Most, 95 percent, suffer from undiagnosed Mold Toxicity and Lyme Disease.

When fibromyalgia patients undergo Dr Sponaugle’s intravenous detoxification therapy and intravenous Lyme Treatment, 90 they no longer suffer symptoms of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue.

Excess Electrical Current

Fibromyalgia is derived from excessive electrical current running throughout the nerves in the body.  Fibromyalgia patients suffer from “total body pain” because their nerves are over electrified from excessive production of the electrifying neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) Glutamate and PEA.

Below are two brain scans – On the left is a normal healthy brain and on the left is the brain scan of a fibromyalgia patient.

Fibromyalgia treatment - Healthy brain versus Fibromyalgia brain shows accessive red and white coloration over-electrified brain regions

The blue coloration on the healthy brain demonstrates normal electrical activity. The additional red and white coloration on the Fibromyalgia brain scan represents over-electrified brain regions. This additional electrical voltage causes the brain to amplify incoming electrical pain signals; therefore fibromyalgia patients are more susceptible to pain.

Dr. Sponaugle’s Fibromyalgia Research

Dr. Sponaugle has proven that the resultant up-regulation of electrical voltage in the nervous system correlates directly with the measured level of environmental toxins in the body. Many patients suffering from undiagnosed Mold Toxicity have traveled state by state visiting various medical centers in their failed attempt to discover the cause of their fibromyalgia disorder.  Dr. Sponaugle has successfully treated hundreds of middle-aged women who were suffering from severe chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

A majority of these women were previously misdiagnosed at ten or more University Medical Centers. Doctors at these centers typically prescribe addicting pain medication and drugs like Lyrica – that “down regulate” the body’s electrical voltage.

Unknowing physicians treat fibromyalgia with opiate pain medication; they remain unaware that fibromyalgia pain is ultimately worsened by opiate induced changes in brain chemistry. For more information on opiate induced changes in brain chemistry, please go to our NFL/chronic pain page.

Fibromyalgia in Women

Women develop fibromyalgia more often than men when taking opiate pain medication. Opiate medications like OxyContin and Methadone shut down pituitary output of both, LH and FSH – the hormones that stimulate ovarian production of progesterone and estradiol, respectively. Both of these female hormones are powerful modulators of the brain’s electrical circuitry as noted above.

Opiate induced Estradiol deficiency decreases the activity of the calming brain chemical serotonin, thus, increasing electrical firing in nerves. Opiate induced progesterone deficiency causes decreased GABA activity. As stated above, Progesterone decreases electrical current in the brain and body by activating the Xanax or GABA receptor. GABA is the primary calming neurotransmitter in the brain and body. Toxin induced destruction of the intestinal lining leads to poor absorption of the essential amino acid tryptophan (necessary for Serotonin production).