Klonopin Treatment

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Klonopin Treatment – Klonopin Detox

Outpatient Klonopin Detox

Dr. Sponaugle has recently designed an accelerated outpatient benzodiazepine detox program for patients addicted to smaller doses of benzodiazepines. This klonopin detox program takes advantage of our newly designed intravenous amino acid and toxin removal program.

Our benzodiazepine detox is performed in a safe and caring medical environment staffed by dedicated critical care nurses. Patients can undergo Klonopin detox without suffering any twitching or tremors. Dr. Sponaugle designed this Klonopin detox in a manner that prevents surges of adrenaline that cause typical benzo withdrawal.

This program can usually “fix” the underlying biochemical causes of anxiety and insomnia in Klonopin addicted patients – this negates the patients need to down regulate or “turn down” the excessive electrical current in their brain and body with drugs like Klonopin and Xanax.

Safety Protocol For Klonopin Treatment

Klonopin detox or Xanax detox should not be painful, we have advanced too far in medicine to allow the dangerous and painful benzodiazepine detox protocols that occur at other detox centers.

At many detox centers, Klonopin detox is not only painful, it is dangerous and will kill brain cells if the Klonopin detox protocol allows excessive electrical current to flow through the brain.

Studies have recently proven that you do not have to experience a full blown seizure to kill brain cells. Recent PET scan studies at the University of Toronto have revealed that drug detox results in brain cell death when patients are allowed to experience tremors or twitching!!

America’s addiction doctors have contributed to brain damage in millions of Klonopin-addicted patients with their poorly designed detox protocols. You need to choose a drug detox center that can prevent all benzo withdrawal symptoms – no twitching or shaking allowed! Protect your brain, you will need it for many years to come!

Dr. Sponaugle’s Anti-aging Brain & Body Wellness Program

Through our Brain Wellness Program, we evaluate over 250 biochemicals, biomarkers and hormones. Our detox patients receive, at no extra cost, an outpatient Anti-aging Brain and Body Wellness program.

Our comprehensive Anti-aging Brain and Body Wellness program has achieved such credibility that non addicted “Wellness Patients” come from as far as Norway, Belgium and Germany.

Patients and families also learn how hormonal imbalance, especially in females, can cause alcoholism and Klonopin addiction. They learn that females who develop progesterone deficiency in mid-life become more anxious and suffer insomnia, which may commonly result in self medication with alcohol or Klonopin.

Females also learn when estradiol levels fall below 60 pg/ml, serotonin receptivity decreases dramatically. This relationship between estradiol and serotonin often leads to depression, anxiety and insomnia, which subsequently causes alcoholism or Klonopin addiction.