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At Florida Detox® & Wellness Institute, we specialize in a safe and painless OxyContin Detox.

OxyContin Detox | Opiate Detox

Scientific Addiction Treatment

oxycontin detoxWith our scientific addiction treatment, you do not need to be “locked up” in a rehab facility. You will spend 2 hours a day in our clinic receiving our proprietary all natural intravenous amino acid and toxin removal therapy. We will optimize your Brain and Body to stop your craving for OxyContin.  You will no longer need OxyContin to calm your anxious brain. Furthermore, you will not go through painful OxyContin withdrawal symptoms.

Stops OxyContin Craving – Reduces Oxycontin Withdrawal Symptoms

OxyContin Detox is only the first step of our addiction treatment.  A drug detox is worthless if you relapse. Through treating 7000 addicted patients, we have learned that Detox and Counseling are not enough to prevent relapse – we must optimize your brain function. This requires quickly healing drug-induced brain damage while simultaneously correcting drug-induced deficiencies of brain neurotransmitters and hormones.

Dr. Sponaugle has designed a Brain and Body Wellness Program that is included in any drug detox program.  Using all natural, intravenous amino acid and toxin removal therapy, we can accomplish significant brain healing in weeks.  Our scientific addiction treatment will optimize your brain chemistry and stop your OxyContin craving!

Dr. Rick Sponaugle and Florida Detox® have a 14 year safety record having performed Oxycontin Detox on thousands of patients from over 30 countries.

Allison’s Oxycontin and Methadone Detox Story

Safest Oxycontin Detox

Dr. Rick Sponaugle’s Detox protocol for Oxycontin Detox is the safest in America, for this reason, Dr Sponaugle and Florida Detox® were chosen by University of Kansas Heart surgeons to perform OxyContin detox on one of their Heart Transplant Patient patients. The patient was one of their own ICU nurses who had developed heart failure, she was addicted to 3,200 mg/day of Oxycontin. The University Cardiologists researched America’s detox centers in effort to find the safest OxyContin detox for their heart transplant patient. They determined that Dr Rick Sponaugle performed the safest Oxycontin Detox in America!

Why is it so important to find the safest detox center for a heart transplant patient? The transplanted heart is no longer connected to the normal brain “braking system” provided by the vagus nerve. Without “vagal input” to slow the heart rate, the adrenaline surge produced by typical OxyContin detox would stimulate an out of control heart rate. The cardiologists knew they needed an Oxycontin Detox protocol that would prevent any adrenaline surge like Dr. Rick Sponaugle’s protocol, one that prevented Oxycontin Withdrawal symptoms. 

Painless Oxycontin Detox

Dr. Phil referred his patients to Dr. Sponaugle for Oxycontin Detox. He was impressed with the painless nature of Dr. Sponaugle’s OxyContin Detox and was quite surprised that Cara and Stephanie could go his TV show just a few days after their detox with no OxyContin Withdrawal symptoms. Dr. Phil repeatedly stated, “Wow, Florida Detox® has an amazing Detox.“

Efficient Oxycontin Detox

With the Florida Detox® technique for Oxycontin Detox, you can minimize time away from your family. We can safely perform your OxyContin detox in our office facility. Patients are only separated from their family for a few hours on the day of their detox after which they can later go back to a comfortable hotel room with their family.

Our Brain Wellness Program Stops Oxycontin Craving!   Make this your last Opiate Detox!

Oxycontin Detox will be a waste of your time and money if you relapse. The most important aspect of our addiction treatment is our ability to stop your craving for OxyContin.

Opiate Detox for Oxycontin

Is OxyContin Detox safe? Not always, patients have died in Michigan and New Jersey. You must be careful when choosing a Detox Center. We have a 14 year proven safety record. SAFETY SHOULD BE YOUR MAIN CONCERN. Choose like a Heart Surgeon, choose Florida Detox®

John’s Story

John, a former Navy Seal who sustained multiple back injuries jumping out of helicopters [think Chuck Norris] serving our country, a real American hero. John was prescribed OxyContin by pain doctors for 10 years, therefore he developed a severe OxyContin tolerance as is common among all chronic pain patients, his OxyContin Addiction totaled 3,200 mg/day.

Dr. Rick Sponaugle invited John to speak at the Vegas NFL meeting attended by 200 retired NFL players. Dr. Sponaugle spoke on the topic of hyperalgesia, the phenomenon in which extended use of opiate pain medication ultimately causes more physical pain. Dr. Sponaugle explained to the NFL players why they suffered more pain after taking OxyContin for a few years than they did from their initial knee or back injury.

John explained to the NFL players that his OxyContin detox at Florida Detox® was an amazingly painless procedure, even when coming off of 3,200 mg/day Oxycontin. He admitted that he had previously walked out of a traditional OxyContin detox center in Washington when attempting to detox only 400 mg/day.

John told the NFL players that the traditional OxyContin detox was more painful than his brutal Navy Seal training! More importantly, John told the NFL players that he had much less back pain after his detox with Dr. Sponaugle, much less than he had on the 3200 mgs/day of OxyContin.

When John described the severe depression he suffered from taking so much OxyContin, he admitted that he held a gun to his head the night he found our website. It was an amazing sight, to see a Navy Seal FROG, the toughest of the Navy Seals, and 200 retired NFL players with tears in their eyes. They understood the pain and depression John had suffered because many of them were suffering the same symptoms from their opiate pain medication.

If you have been prescribed opiate pain medication as a long term “solution,” your brain is over electrified and therefore amplifies incoming electrical pain signals. Visit the NFL or CHRONIC PAIN link to learn more.

OXYCONTIN ADDICTION – 16,000 mgs/day – 200 [80 mg] OXYCONTIN PILLS A DAY

Our record OxyContin Detox patient, Mark, a successful oil distributor from Philadelphia, He presented to Florida Detox® with his multiple OxyContin bottles in 2007. He wanted to make sure we believed that he was taking 16,000 mg per day of OxyContin!!!!

Our highly trained team initially admitted to Mark that we had reservations with regard to performing such an extraordinary OxyContin detox. Mark’s OxyContin detox went smoothly.


The reassuring factor for Dr. Sponaugle in taking on Mark’s outrageous OxyContin addiction of 16,000 mgs per day was that he had recently accepted a referral from a Kansas heart transplant center for a heart transplant patient, Sharon, who was addicted to OxyContin, 3,200 mg per day, (mentioned above)

You will find Sharon’s story very interesting. As an intensive care nurse on the heart transplant team, she ironically developed severe hypoxic headaches from heart failure at the young age of 35.

While Sharon waited for a new heart, her headaches became more severe and she was prescribed OxyContin by various doctors who respected her work and recognized her unrelenting pain. Sarah ultimately developed a severe OxyContin dependency.

The transplanted heart is not connected to the brain of the heart recipient. The nerve connections from the brain that “brake” a racing heart are not connected to the new heart. OxyContin detoxification normally produces surges of adrenaline which cause tachycardia, a dangerous racing heart.

Sharon’s cardiac surgeons knew that her transplanted heart no longer had ‘wiring’ to the ‘brakes’ in her brain. They realized that Sarah’s detox would be extremely dangerous unless it provided absolute control of any and all adrenaline surges.

The University Heart Transplant team selected Dr. Sponaugle and Florida Detox® only after performing diligent and extensive research. Wisely, they chose the most experienced and the safest OxyContin Detox Center in America!

When Dr. Sponaugle initially designed his OxyContin detox, he utilized a computerized ultrasonic heart monitor called trans-esophageal echocardiography. With this computerized monitor, Dr. Sponaugle could ascertain the least stress on the heart and circulatory system. This sophisticated technology continuously measures the pumping function of the heart and the arterial resistance that the heart must pump against.

This unprecedented detoxification research has allowed Dr. Sponaugle to design a detox for OxyContin that is painless and protects the blood flow to the heart and brain. Fortunately for Sharon and her newly transplanted heart, her Cardiac surgeons chose Dr. Sponaugle and the safest OxyContin detox protocol available in America, one that freed her from her severe OxyContin addiction.

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