Suboxone Detox

Suboxone Detox

suboxone detoxAt Florida Detox®, we offer a painless Suboxone Detox. The Sponaugle protocol for Suboxone Detox includes our proprietary intravenous amino acid therapy for optimization of brain chemistry and if necessary, a Suboxone detox procedure.

Using holistic addiction treatment, we correct brain chemistry deficiencies thereby calming the anxious brains of those patients who have had difficulty performing a Suboxone detox at other detox centers.

Suboxone Addiction

If Suboxone was designed as a detox drug, why do so many patients develop a Suboxone addiction?

Brain scan research at Florida Detox® has proven that those patients who “get stuck” on Suboxone suffer from overactive brain regions. These overactive brain regions are the source of depression, moodiness, irritability, feelings of hopelessness and excessive guilt, and an obsessive “worry worry” type of anxiety.

Although Suboxone is a weak opiate, it still has enough opiate activity to calm these over-electrified brain regions. The opiate addiction that preceded addiction treatment caused the brain chemistry changes that produce the overactive brain regions seen on the brain scan above.

When Florida Detox® doctors correct the opiate-induced brain chemistry deficiencies in Suboxone patients, most of them can simply stop taking their Suboxone without feeling Suboxone withdrawal symptoms. Detox rehabilitation is then necessary to stop the suboxone cravings. They no longer need Suboxone to calm their anxious brain, and most don’t even need to go through a Suboxone detox procedure!

John’s Opiate Detox Testimonial Video

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Suboxone The Drug

opiate detoxSuboxone was designed as a detox drug to assist opiate detox. Suboxone functions as both, an opiate agonist, meaning it activates opiate receptors, and as an opiate antagonist. An opiate antagonist engages with an opiate receptor but does not activate the receptor.

The dual function of Suboxone allows patients suffering opiate addiction to convert from high doses of pure opiate medication to Suboxone without experiencing dangerous opiate withdrawal symptoms.

The conversion from a pure opiate to Suboxone is performed with the intention and assumption that the addicted patient can undergo Suboxone detox much easier than they can undergo a pure opiate detox.

Suboxone, like a pure opiate agonist, produces blockade of “Calcium channels” in brain and body nerves, this reduces the electrical current throughout the brain and body.

While it is true that the opiate effect of Suboxone is much weaker than that of a pure opiate like oxycodone, Suboxone still has a fairly potent calming effect on the brain. Suboxone patients suffering from opiate-induced brain chemistry deficiencies have a brain that has become “over-electrified.”

These anxious patients need the calming effect of Suboxone to relax their overactive brain regions. If opiate-induced brain chemistry deficiencies are not corrected, these anxious patients experience too much “electrical surge” when attempting to perform a Suboxone Detox. Without scientific addiction treatment that corrects brain chemistry issues, these patients suffer life-long Suboxone addiction and opiate withdrawal symptoms. Our opiate detox program has given hope to hundreds of thankful patients.

Most Experienced & Safest Suboxone Detox Center

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Sponaugle and the Florida Detox® team became the most experienced Opiate Detox center in America. The Florida Detox® team has a 15 year safety record having performed opiate detox on thousands of patients, including hundreds of patients seeking a safe and painless Suboxone Detox. Safety should be your primary concern when choosing a detox center for Suboxone Detox. We are one of the best rehab centers in the world because we provide quick results as well as the personalized care you are looking for.

Holistic Addiction Treatment – Brain & Body Wellness Program

suboxone treatmentOur Suboxone Detox patients receive 3 weeks of holistic addiction treatment for substance abuse. This addiction treatment protocol was designed by Dr. Sponaugle to correct brain chemistry imbalances, hormonal deficiencies and nutritional deficiencies caused by opiate addiction.

Our Suboxone detox protocol includes a comprehensive brain wellness program that corrects the underlying biochemical cause of anxiety, depression and insomnia disorders. These disorders prevent patients from successfully weaning off Suboxone.

The holistic addiction treatment at Florida Detox is performed on an outpatient basis. Suboxone treatment does not require that you spend weeks “locked up” in a rehab facility. You will spend 2 hours a day in our detox center where you will receive all natural intravenous amino acid and toxin removal therapy and visit with our medical staff. The rest of your day can be spent at Clearwater Beach or enjoying other activities.