Painless Outpatient Alcohol Detox

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Florida Detox® & Wellness Institute – Painless Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

We are excited to report that we can now treat our alcohol patients in an outpatient setting. Our continuous effort to improve our alcohol detox has led to the development of an intravenous amino acid therapy that accelerates the restoration of alcohol-induced nutritional deficiencies and optimizes brain chemistry with natural medications.

This proprietary treatment prevents alcohol withdrawal and stops alcohol craving. With this scientific alcohol treatment, you do not need to be locked up in an alcohol rehab facility.

You will only spend 2 hours a day in our clinic, the rest of the day you can enjoy world famous Clearwater Beach with your family. We will stop your alcohol craving in just three days.

Scientific Alcohol Treatment – Stops Alcohol Craving 

Alcohol Detox is only the first step of alcohol treatment. Alcohol Detox is worthless if you relapse. Our scientific treatment will optimize your brain chemistry and stop your alcohol craving so you will not relapse to alcohol. Go to our alcohol treatment page to learn more.