Shingles is actually derived from the reactivation of the Herpes 6 virus which causes “chicken pox.” Once infected with this Herpes family virus, it remains in our body and lives in our nervous system for life. Whether the virus remains dormant or reactivates with painful lesions depends on the level of “kill power” our immune system can produce.

Shingles is normally considered a medical disorder of older people because as we get older, in general, our immune system has less “kill power.” However, at Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we have treated some 18 and 20 year old “kids” who suffered with shingles, why, because at a young age, their immune system was already shut down from the Black Mold Toxin, Trichothecene. German research and Dr. Sponaugle’s research has proven Trichothecene, at high levels, can shut down immune function more than the HIV virus.

Dr. Sponaugle has performed extensive research evaluating mathematical markers that measure immune kill power for treating Lyme patients. He has developed a protocol that up regulates immune kill power, whether for killing cancer cells, tick borne infections like Lyme or viral infections like Epstein Barr, another Herpes virus, Herpes I and Herpes II or Herpes 6, the Shingles virus.

The Sponaugle protocol for treating Shingles is to up regulate our patient’s immune kill power by removing toxins that shut down the immune system and the implementation of herbal medicines that stimulate natural killer cell production. In addition, we use intravenous Vitamin C and or Hydrogen Peroxide for a more direct viral kill. Our natural killer cells release Hydrogen Peroxide when they attack bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.

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