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Scientific Addiction Treatment

Initially Florida Detox® became famous for developing the most painless opiate detox in America. The Sponaugle protocol for detox has been featured on Dr Phil, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and Ricki Lake. However, patient feedback revealed that detox and counseling were not enough to prevent relapse. Patients explained that their brain “felt more normal” while they were on their medications!

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Florida Detox® research uncovered the reason addiction is a neurobiological and biochemical disorder. It’s about brain chemistry! Florida Detox® addresses brain chemistry issues with its     Scientific Addiction Treatment. Doctors will normalize brain chemistry in addicted patients so they no longer crave the biochemical effect of their medication. This stops their cravings making it easier for our patients to avoid relapse.

Addiction Research at Florida Detox®

By the year 2000, Dr. Sponaugle and Florida Detox® were leading the world in addiction research. Dr. Sponaugle began correlating drug craving patterns with various brain chemistry patterns and changes seen on his patient’s brain scans. Brain scan research at Florida Detox® proved that addicted patients use drugs and medications to stimulate underactive brain regions and to calm overactive brain regions.

Why Florida Detox® Relapse Rates Are Low

With knowledge from our sophisticated addiction research, Florida Detox® doctors have extraordinary brain expertise. Florida Detox® doctors can diagnose and treat the underlying “biochemical” cause of your addiction. Our brain expertise is unavailable at other detox centers, therefore, nationwide, patients continue to relapse. National relapse rates are as high as 80 % while Florida Detox® relapse rates average only 9 %!

Because Florida Detox® consistently produces the lowest relapse rates in The Untied States,  the White House invited Dr. Sponaugle to speak about his scientific addiction treatment. Florida Detox® doctors know how to diagnose and treat the underlying “biochemical” cause of your drug addiction.


Why Has the Number of Addicted Americans Tripled Since 1980?

The prevalence of drug addiction in America has tripled in 30 years because the number of Americans suffering with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and panic disorder has tripled since 1980 – Addicted patients are simply using drugs and alcohol to calm their anxious brains.

Brain Chemistry and Drug Craving Patterns

A common brain chemical deficiency makes people feel more normal on drugs like OxyContin and Cocaine. It also causes alcoholic patients to binge alcohol, they can’t have just one! If you fit the following personality profile, you may suffer from an undiagnosed brain chemistry issue that we often correct in Florida Detox® patients.

You feel more focused, more energetic and much happier [essentially “more normal”] when you use an opiate medication like Percoet, Vicodin, Roxycodone or OxyContin. When taking opiates, you have more energy and you “get stuff done.”

You might have experienced a similar effect with Cocaine, Marijuana or even Alcohol, but opiates seem to be the best drug for normalizing your brain function. When you don’t take opiates, you fall into a black hole and you can barely get out of bed.

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Painless Outpatient Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Treatment – Click here to read more.

Florida Detox® & Wellness Institute – Painless Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

We are excited to report that we can now treat our alcohol patients in an outpatient setting. Our continuous effort to improve our alcohol detox has led to the development of an intravenous amino acid therapy that accelerates the restoration of alcohol-induced nutritional deficiencies and optimizes brain chemistry with natural medications.

This proprietary treatment prevents alcohol withdrawal and stops alcohol craving. With this scientific alcohol treatment, you do not need to be locked up in an alcohol rehab facility.

You will only spend 2 hours a day in our clinic, the rest of the day you can enjoy world famous Clearwater Beach with your family. We will stop your alcohol craving in just three days.

Scientific Alcohol Treatment – Stops Alcohol Craving 

Alcohol Detox is only the first step of alcohol treatment. Alcohol Detox is worthless if you relapse. Our scientific treatment will optimize your brain chemistry and stop your alcohol craving so you will not relapse to alcohol. Go to our alcohol treatment page to learn more.