Written Testimonials

My son Wyatt’s story

My son Wyatt had severe issues with anxiety and insomnia a few years ago which was his vicious circle of destruction. It started in his junior year in high school after a long period on antibiotics for his tonsil issues. That coupled with shoulder surgery the following year and a bad reaction to the anesthesia sent him on a path of isolation and supposed depression, anxiety and Bipolar diagnoses that he barely survived.
As his father, I made the logical suppositions; hormones, growing up as a teenager and peer pressure to name a few. None of which were further from the truth. He went to college in September 2009 and within 3 days became sick and was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). He lost 12 lbs in 15 days, had a colonoscopy and was sent off to learn to live with his “condition”. The following month, he contracted Swine Flu which took him several weeks to recover. Month # 3, he broke his hand; his writing hand, a few days before midterm exams. He needed something for the pain from setting his hand for just 1 day, and even though we told the doctor he wanted a 1 day supply, he prescribed 40 vicodin pain pills. That was the first 3 months of his new college life.
As we sat on the curb in front of his mom’s home on Thanksgiving break, he told me that he didn’t want to go back to school; however he knew that school was not the issue. He was falling deeper and deeper into a hole than he was unable to crawl out of. After Christmas break he returned to school and within 2-3 weeks, he complained of getting sick so he went to a doctor who told him that he was fine, but suggested he try Lexapro. To this day I can’t figure out how the doctor made the assessment that led to this prescription, but it was probably Wyatt’s input that he just didn’t “feel right”. From there he was referred to a Psychologist who tried to talk through his problems. When he started to feel suicidal, he was immediately referred to the Head of Psychiatry at Florida State University, who received her degree at Columbia University, who subsequently started him on a prescription Russian roulette nightmare that almost killed him. She and 4 other Phychiarists told my son that he was a drug addict and diagnosed him Bipolar. They prescribed 13 different medications over a 4 month period as the tried guessing their way to a solution. Wyatt was telling them that he had a dopamine deficiency because of what he learned on Dr. Sponaugle’s website.(We know now that giving someone who is deficient in both Serotonin & Dopamine, a SSRI anti-depressant will make them suicidal. Dr. Sponaugle’s testing confirmed this condition in my son). Several different medications over the next 3 months proved to be the last straw for my son who was trying to get through the semester so he could have the summer to rest and figure the best course of action to get better.
There were no good days for him during the past 1-2 years. He told me that he didn’t know what good is anymore. His days were “bad or really bad” with no light at the end of the tunnel. He once called me on the way to class at FSU to tell me that his headphones broke, so I told him to go and buy a new pair at the campus bookstore. He said, “I can’t”, which I asked why not and he responded, “I just can’t”. I asked him if he wanted me to come down to see him, to which I received no response, so I told him that I would see him the next day. That meant a plane flight from Philadelphia, PA to Jacksonville, FL, renting a car and driving 3 hours to Tallahassee, to arrive in the afternoon in time for a late lunch. I would stay at a nearby hotel and spend all day, every day, in between his classes, nursing him back to physical and mental health. After a week or so, I would go back to PA for a short time just to repeat the trip every few weeks for the rest of the semester. 2 days before the last day of exams, he arrived at the campus health clinic to ask/demand a refill for the medications that he was now addicted to. Because of the way he “asked” for his refills, the doctors were deciding whether they may have to use The Baker Act for Wyatt which is described below:

The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971 (commonly known as the “Baker Act”) is a Florida statute allowing for involuntary examination of an individual.
The Baker Act allows for involuntary examination (what some call emergency or involuntary commitment). It can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians or mental health professionals. There must be evidence that the person
has a mental illness (as defined in the Baker Act).
is a harm to self, harm to others, or self neglectful (as defined in the Baker Act).
Examinations may last up to 72 hours after a person is deemed medically stable and occur in over 100 Florida Department of Children and Families-designated receiving facilities statewide.

They wanted to put my boy in a mental institution for 3 days because they thought he was “unstable”.
Or course, he was talking to me on his cell phone as the campus police were coming to the office while the 5 Campus Psychiatrists were in a room deciding my son’s fate. A “therapist” was the only one who convinced the rest of the doctors not to Baker Act my boy and he was politely escorted off campus by the police. 2 days later, on the last day of April 2010, I picked him up and drove back with him to PA and dropped him off for the summer. We had an appointment with Florida Detox & Wellness in late July.
He couldn’t drag himself out of bed for the next few months to work 3 hours a day at his mom’s day camp. He just wanted to sleep, eat and work out at the gym, however it seemed like the sleep part was the only thing he was able to do.
I had called several times prior to our appointment to discuss Wyatt’s issues and tried to determine what this guy was going to do to solve this complex puzzle that took a once vibrant, popular, sports playing teenager to a reclusive, somber and almost emaciated kid. He left for college 1 year earlier; an eager, ambitious 6’2” 182 lb freshman, only to return home for the summer, a pale, gray, skinny 167 lb shell of himself. At the time, the Wellness Program was structured a little different than today’s program. After doing the blood work and 2 other test kits, we arrived for our workshop on Monday afternoon, and had an appointment with Dr. Sponaugle the following day. Doc looked at my boy and after 5 minutes said that he was glad he made us wait a few hours to see him because all of Wyatt’s symptoms were showing up which made for an easier diagnosis. I used to ask my patient coordinator whether this guy was going to look at my son’s blood work and urine analysis results and wave a magic wand and he would be better.
Well, as I said, the program was different back then, so Doc told Wyatt the treatment protocol of supplements to take for the next few weeks, which we were able to get at the health food store, and return back in 30 days to see how he was doing. No IV Treatments or visits with him or the nurses. Just do as he says and hope for the best. The magic wand was waved because within a few weeks, my son never looked back. The gift he has turned out to be a partial photographic memory, which he thought everybody, had. I knew he had a gift, because he never studied throughout his high school career only to leave with a 4.28 GPA. One note: he told me a few weeks ago that Doc had not completely dealt with his insomnia and after the first 3 weeks, he called his nurse to tell her that he was still struggling with his sleep. He was asked if he did EVERYTHING that Dr. Sponaugle had told him to do, and upon answering yes, Doc told him to try something new at night that proved to be the last piece of his 2-3 year nightmare.
I often say that I am the only father in the world that is happy because his son sleeps for 12 hours on weekends; wakes up and cooks organic food for his meals, and takes all natural supplements while living in a mold free rental house.
Dr Sponaugle also told Wyatt that his blood work revealed something to him that suggested that he had a Pituitary Brain Tumor. Upon receiving the results during his Christmas break, he did have a Pituitary Tumor, which was removed in March 2011 by a surgeon at Shands Teaching Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. He operated for 45 minutes; went through his nostril; into his brain and removed one of the smallest tumors he had ever operated on, because you usually find these tumors when they start to grow and cause numerous problems such as headaches and vision issues. He was discharged 1 day later and after a day in a hotel, drove back to Tallahassee to recuperate by himself. He refused to drop out of school to have this operation, and insisted on doing it on his Spring Break. He took off 1 week before the break and ended the semester with 12 credits and a 3.2 grade average in his Biomedical Engineering Major.
I often say that Dr. Sponaugle saved my boy’s life twice. I apologize for the delay in writing this timeline, as numerous people have asked me for this story of his road to recovery. It’s not important what the issue is that has caused our loved ones to get to a place that they feel they can never recover. Doc can figure out these complex puzzles as he did with my boy; my only child, and thus gave Wyatt the opportunity to give back to the rest of the world his gift, a gift that he never would have known he had, never mind use to help others. His life’s path has detoured to follow and learn Dr. Sponaugle’s continuing journey of helping people figure out the cause of one’s issues rather than treating their symptoms. Wyatt has told me that Doc will change the way medicine is administered in the world, however I don’t think he realizes that he will have to pick up the ball as all of us get older.
I constantly tell my son that God gave me the ability to speak, but he should go to school and make his impact through knowledge and research. I want to reiterate that I firmly believe that my boy would not have seen his 21st birthday on Valentine’s Day, a few months ago if it were not for Dr. Sponaugle.



Doctor has a real tough job. Most of these patients need real follow up visits with other professionals, once Dr. Sponaugle does his thing.


Florida Detox and Welllness was the best thing that happened to me. Dr. Sponaugle has formed a wonderful DetoxTreatment Program that keeps your Spirit and dignity in-tact, while going thru a time when we are in deep need of help. The follow up program, and the supplements are well planned out as Dr. Sponaugle uses the Urine tests to check your Brain Chemistry, which is sent out to Neuro-Sciences,a state of the art test Lab in Wisconsin with results that maintain a healthy mind ( thru-Supplements ), which helps to create a healthy Sprirt, and body. This is one of the most unique Drug DetoxTreatment Programs in the world !


Wonderful program! Well worth the time and money. You went above and beyond with helping my daughter.

Thank you!


My grandson has completely changed his life. He has now just graduated from college while working a full time job. He is happy, successful and no longer craves drugs.


My name is Debbie and my son is approaching 3 years this June since regaining his life at FL Detox! I have been and am an avid spokesperson,as has Justin, ever since. We have sent many others who have regained their lives through requesting a never ending supply of info from FL Detox to pass out to people who we hear that need help. We receive calls constantly as we have not kept our story secret and share it with anyone who will listen or strangers who know someone who knows someone who is in need. We never ask for last names and that seems to help put some at ease knowing we are not going to know their true identities but we do ask for a call back if they decide to seek help. Most follow through and it is such a blessing to hear of yet another family being set free and regaining their loved one who was addicted. Dr. Sponaugle and his staff saved our son’s life thus ours, as well. Mustin has gone on to become the wonderful young man he had been and has gained such a wisdom with such an overwhelming insight of life! I learn from him daily. He now sits in his truch after work in the parking lot overlooking our county jail watching for the existing inmates as most must go through that lot to get into town and he speaks with them, as most have been incarcerated for drugs, and tells them his story and gives out FL Detox cards. I have actually got to call and request more as I just gave my last one to a lady in a department store whose conversation I overheard about her grandson and went over and shared Justin’s story and FL Detox and gave her my last card. There are not enough stars in the Heavens to rate Dr. Sponaugle and all he has done to bless our family. He with the grace of God by directing my computer search to FL Detox saved my son’s life. We will be eternally thankful and happy to always help in any possible way to guide others in need to the one place that is the answer!


Dr.Sponagule saved my wife’s life.We went to two of the top rehabs in the country that failed my wife.Dr.Sponagule is a genius that will someday be recognized as the Doctor that chaneged how to treat alcholism. My wife has been alcohol free for six months,versus 30 days from other treatments.We cant say enough good things about Doctor Sponagule.If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction Dr.Sponagule is your best choice . I’m writing this from the bottom of my heart hoping it can help save a life.


Florida Detox has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I am very thankful I was able to have access to such a valuable resource. I will always be grateful for the help I received as well as the knowledge I gained … I will use it for the rest of my life!


I visited the facility a few summers ago with my sons. Our home had been shaken to the core by my ex-husband’s hidden drug addiction. To this day he admits to nothing but smoking pot but in the last month has had major heart surgery due to leaky heart valves. Since the surgery we have learned from a valid source that he’d been using meth, cocaine and crack, for years. It has brought tremendous relief to my sons and me to know the truth, even though it’s all very sad. I tell you this, because I know first hand the devastation and the shame and the lying lifestyle of drugs. Visiting Dr. Sponaugle for me, took some of the pain away. To see the body’s need for balance and wholeness and to experience a Dr. that was not shaming people as if they were dirty addicts. To see that big pharma is conning people into addiction as well, is all so sobering, especially for those who really do want to be freed from it all. The Scripture says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6 Dr. Sponaugle is giving the world knowledge about how delicately we are made and ways to healing and another chance at life. Denial is a horrible thing. What is hard to find, is a safe place where people are surrounded by love and can come clean and know there is hope for them. Not every one will be willing to go there. God Bless Dr. Sponaugle. I think the world of him and what he is bringing to this world through his life and diligence in study and what is being revealed to him. I am so happy for you Jack that you got your son back.

God Bless you all,

A Grateful Wife

Two neurologists, a PET scan and an extensive Neuropsychological examination all diagnosed my husband with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease. He had gotten to the point where his cognition and memory were seriously compromised, he no longer wanted to socialize, he was having mini seizures, he was shuffling his feet when he walked, his driving abilities had seriously declined and he was sleeping 16-18 hours a day. For the past several years, all his doctors had referred to him as having a “flat affect”. One of our doctors mentioned the work that Dr. Sponaugle was doing to correct problems with people’s brains. He said that he had personally seen before and after brain scans of Dr. Sponaugle’s patients and was sure that he could be helpful to us. We attended one of the weekly informational meetings and spoke with Dr. Sponaugle afterward. After this meeting, we decided to begin treatment. I was very impressed with the amount of diagnostics that were done before beginning treatment and continue frequently during the treatment period. These tests discovered that my husband had chronic Lyme’s disease, had mold and benzene toxicity, and numerous other problems. No other doctor had tested for or discovered these problems. After the first IV treatment, my husband felt that he could focus better. After the second treatment, he was no longer shuffling his feet. His driving skills improved immediately and within 3 weeks, our boat left the driveway and was put in the water for the first time in three years. My husband no longer wants to spend his days sleeping; he’s too busy socializing. He now thinks nothing of driving three or four hours to visit one of our children. My husband’s other doctors are amazed at his progress. He no longer has a “flat affect”. His eyes are bright and he’s eager to learn or relearn things that he’s been unable to understand for years. This week, we bought him an IPAD so he can learn email, facebook and how to navigate the internet. Dr. Sponaugle’s staff is very friendly and caring. Additionally, we’ve met many wonderful people – fellow patients and their families. While we’re all together in the IV drip room, we get talking and sharing our stories. These people are as grateful as we are for the wonderful work being done there. While we sometimes have to wait to see Dr. Sponaugle, we understand that he is spending time with other patients. When we do get to see him, we never feel shortchanged. He gives us all the time we need. Without the care my husband has received from Dr. Sponaugle, we would still be living life in the difficult Alzheimer’s world. Instead, we have a wonderful, active life and a bright future. Thank you, Dr. Sponaugle, for your caring and the miracles you are performing in people’s lives.


My name is Michael and I wanted to share my experience about Florida detox. I went through alcohol detox with florida detox quite sometime ago, around 2003 I do believe. My experience with the doctor and staff met and even exceeded my expectations in kindness, compassion and their ability to hone in on my unique problems and help me to address them and correct them. After going through their detox in 2003, I was sober for over eight years. Last year, it seemed that nothing could go my way, I had one tradegy after another including divorce, death of a parent, loss of a job and the need to relocate residences. Even my own family was tired of me and wanted nothing to do with me. Needless to say, I finally relapsed and was heading down a very dark road. Knowing that florida detox was responsible for my eight GREAT years of sobriety, I turned to them again in June 2011 for help. There was no dismay, no judging, no shaking their head at me, instead, they accepted me and immediately began to work on me, my sobriety and my sanity. I underwent a battery of tests that revealed some new things to include a mild benzense (?), mold toxicity and a brain chemistry imbalance because of the toxicity. They immediately started me on homepathic supplements, vitamins and a special blend of amino acids and nursed me back to heatlth. Here we are seven months later and not only am I more fit than I had been before the relapse, but I HAVE MY FAMILY BACK. Anyone who does not benefit from Florida detox either never wanted to go there anyway but was coerced into it or they did not have the fortitude to comply with his regimens and followup program. To those of you that are serious about getting help, this is the place for you to go!!!


Cant really understand some of these comments. First and foremost, I guess you really have to want it!!!!! I went to florida detox for an alcohol and minor opiate addiction (oxycodone 300 mg) and was very pleased with both my treatment and outcome. Not only was the detox stay in the hospital one of the best I have had regardless of the circumstanances, but the follow up care was even better. The doctor and nurses took their time to explain every aspect of the process as it unfolded, how they were going to treat it and how long it would take. It can be a slow process, but here I am, one year to the day I “graduated” Florida Detox and I remain sober, clean and in better health than I have ever been. This place saved my life!


my experience with dr sponaugle has changed my life and my family’s life! I am absolutely sure that if i had not found Florida detox when i did, i would not be here to write this today. I am 1 year off of opiate painkillers. When i returned to long island and continued the vitamins and nutrients that Dr. Sponaugle put together on my plan, I began my life once again. I would like to let anyone who reads this know that long-term recovery is possible with the help of a higher power and a medical team like Florida Detox. my detox was completely pain free and was the absolute quickest path to returning to my life. I was treated with the utmost kindness, care and respect from Dr. Sponagle and the entire staff.


Our experience was very good! The webinars(Tuesday 7pm) are the best tool to get information about his abilities and knowledge. This is an excellent way to get to know him and the program without committing, until you feel comfortable. We also had a wonderful counselor(on the phone) who was so compassionate. She did above and beyond to help me understand the program. Unfortuatey she is not working there anymore. Even though Dr. Sponaugle is very busy he took extra time to give his tesitmony of God’s grace in his life and God used him to speak to our 20 year old son. Although,Dr. tends to repeat information at appointments, we would have liked to have more chances to actually speak and ask him specific questions for follow up. The nurses are wonderful and the office atmosphere is wonderful! We felt at home there! I pray God will continue to give Dr. Sponaugle and his staff the wisdom to make his schedule more efficient, as we did have to wait over 2 hours to see him on our 1st follow up visit. After traveling by plane to be there. Overall, I would recommend him to anyone who is passionate about complimentary approaches and preventive medicine. He is on the cutting edge of Addiction protocols and the healing of many diseases. If you are the type of person to research alternatives methods like I am, God will lead you to this wonderful man, as he did us. God bless you Dr. Sponaugle! and all those who come to you for help and freedom from illness.


I am a pediatric nurse in Maryland,my son was doing fine until age 15 when he developed anxiety, panic disorder and then rage issues. We went to Johns Hopkins, many think its the number one medical center in the world, I know I always did. They diagnosed him as Bipolar, put him on anti-psychotic drugs and sent us home. Eventually kevin became addicted to opiate medications, he said they made him feel more normal. His entire life changed and so did ours, it was an awful five years, then we found Dr Sponaugle. The first day we went to his clinic, Kevin had a panic attack and took off up the street, Dr Sponaugle ran outside to help us track him down, I have worked with many doctors, dont know that any would have left their office to chase down a “drug addict.” When we got kevin back in the office, Dr Sponaugle spent over an hour, diagnosed Kevin with toxin overload from various infections that we could see on his blood smear, Dr Sponaugle explained how the toxins were causing Kevin’s brain to become over electrified thus causing panic disorder and bipolar symptoms. Kevin under went 3 weeks of Dr Sponaugle’amazing treatment including IVs and now Kevin is off all the psych medications and his Oxycontin, he no longer has panic or bipolar symptoms, we have gotten our son back. Why dont the medical center psychiatrists look for the real problem, even at the number one institutions and most expensive rehabs, its sad. I’m discouraged with much of traditional medicine but so thankful we found Dr Sponaugle when we did, Im not sure Kevin would have made it much longer. Kevin recently did a video testimony, he looks so happy once again.


Dr.Sponagule should be considered the number one addiction specialist in the United States. Dr.Sponagule fixes the biochemical addiction to drugs and alchol.My Wife relapsed within sixty days after five rehabs almost dying twice.Dr.Sponagule treated my wife who has went seven months with absolutely zero craving.We feel blessed to have finally made it to Dr.Sponagule.


It was shock to go to a doctor that really cared about getting me better, and who spend as much time as necessary with me to thoroughly diagnose my illness and find a successful treatment.


Hello, I have been looking for a Doctor like this for years. Dr Sponaugle loves what he does. This man saved my life. I will always be thankful for him and his knowledge.



Hello out there, I hope my message helps just one person, hopefully more but one is great. Please if you need help and want help, doctor sponaugle and florida Detox is your best chance on getting it. Yes it takes a little willingness and action on your part but the results are truly worth it.Fact: Most suffering addicts or the realy sick people dont read up on doctors before choosing to go to them. Thank God I didnt read some of these negative reviews about florida detox and Dr.Sponaugle. I would have lost hope and avoided going to the one doctor that saved my life. June-2008 is when I called Florida Detox sitting in a chair with my duty 9mm crying my eyes out. I said thats it there is no hope I cant do it anymore. A Grown Man that was tired of going to doctors for 8 years and couldnt get help or any real answers as to why I feel like this. After more testing (the wrong ones) they put me into “Pain Mngt” and gave me percs which turned into Oxycontin. Test after Test After Test. Still pain and more pain, Then its on top of the depression, anxiety, PTSD, sleep issues and more oxy I took. Plus more oxy with a fentanoyl patch? Of course I was realy abuseing it after years of useing a most powerfull substance. Then the doc’s try to take me off it because Im calling for refills and running out. WRONG Now fast forward a couple more years latter and a bad dependancy to a real Oxycontin problem, I mean a real problem. Im Spending $1500 a day so I dont get sick. I was taking 35- 80Mg Oxy Blues a day ? Plus the fentinoyl 75 mcg patch was on at the same time. Get the point, makes me sick even saying this. I was hopeless and didnt think Florida Detox could actually detox me and find out whats wrong in my brain to ?. What a plus I said, I just wanted to get off the Oxy without wanting to die from withdraw. So I hocked my house and paid the entry fee and went to florida Detox on my last chance ride. I was scared to death because If it didnt work I could not go through another heavy withdraw detox again. Thats why I had my duty 9mm on stand by. THANK GOD I am happy to say I went for the detox wellness program at the end of June-2008 That was a little over 3-years ago. I came out of the hospital after a pleasent detox. I know you dont believe it but its actually true. I was kept comfortable under the doctors care and some realy awsome nurses. I walked out of the hospital on a Friday after a 4 day stay in the hospital with my care giver and we flown home the day after. Of course thats after we met with doctor sponaugle for a few hours at check out. Doc diagnosed me based on numerous testing etc to long to list here. He set me up with a taylored after care program and I followed it to the -T- When I got home and If something didnt feel right I called the doctor and worked very close with him and his medical staff members. I did what I was suggested to do and they dialed me in within 2-weeks of comming home. Almost like a light bulb came on and I said wow Is this what Normal feels like? because I felt good ? for the first time. I had little pain issues, I wasnt anxious or feel depressed best of all I didnt have any detox sickness or craving none. I couldnt believe that, because I tried going to 2 traditional 30 day programs before going to florida detox. Im talking some high dollar treatment detox places. I didnt last 8 days because I was so sick the worst sick i ever felt from opiate detoxing. I was curled up in the bed for days sweating and pukeing couldnt sleep or eat. Thats back when I was taking only 600 Mg of Oxycontin. Could you imagine detoxing off 3,500 Mg if 600 mg made me feel that sick.I left after 8 days and went right back to useing opiates just to level out from sickness. Then I felt really hopeless after enduring 8 days of hell and having to use again. My hormones were depleated from the heavy opiate use, over active electricity, brain chemicals were way off and many other things doctor sponaugle had to work with. NOW Jump forward to today Oct-2011. I feel pretty darn good every day I havent used opiates since my 2008 detox nor do I ever think about useing opiates ? I dont have pain issues now, no anxiety or depression. I havent had to go to the doctors in 3 years ??? no colds, no flue thats a really good thing. I keep up with follow up appointments so they can monitor my progress and to stay on the cutting edge of mens health. In closeing The really good things that Doctor Sponaugle has done and perfected out way any negative chater you may hear or read. If you tried the other programs and they didnt work like me, you may want to check them out at florida Detox.

Thanks For Reading and Thank You Doc.S


I dont usually write on review websites but i just had to share my positive exPerience with dr Sponaugle and florida detox and wellness institute. Others need to know about the miracle in my life and the many others that I personally witnessed. I was on 300 my oxys a day and heard about this painless detox. Of course a “painless” detox sounded too good to be true, but this is what I needed and wanted. Nothing is scarier than the terrible pain of withdrawel. It’s true, not a slight exaggeration…I detoxed with NO PAIN AT ALL!! I was a liitle groggy for a day or two though…but no craving, no pain! I felt amazing and i feel even better now, three months later. Dr Sponaugle put me on naltrexone temporarily but I’m not even on that anymore. I feel like as more time passes, and I continue to replenish my body with the right levels of vitamins and minerals that were depleted all these years, I continue to feel younger and stronger. Dr Sponaugle is amazing, he has a heart of gold and a brilliant mind. I’ve learned so much during my experience w Florida detox n dr Sponaugle. I came to get off oxy but recieved so much more!!! I now know what my body needs to remain healthy and toxin free. Thanks yo dr Sponaugle and the wonderful Florida detox staff, I can truly live again, free of any dependency and full of more life than I ever had even on my best healthiest days!!!!!


My name is Susn, I am a pharmacist from Houston Texas. I went to Florida Detox in May to get off of 400 mg of Oxycontin I was prescribed for severe fibromyalgia. Was explained to me that I could have a choice of Naltrexone or Suboxone. Dr Sponaugle told us in his incredible addiction/wellness workshop that they prefer using naltrexone over suboxone and use naltrexone in 6 of 10 cases unless the patient is really run down physically or has had psychological issues after going through previous detox.I chose naltrexone even though I had been suffering severe depression, panic disorder and chronic fatigue for teh last 3 years.I had a nice experience in the hospital detox unit, the nurses were wonderful, went strait from Oxycontin to naltrexone.When Dr Sponaugle went over my lab tests, he said I suffered such severe suppression of all my hormones, I’m only 39, that he knew of only one thing that caused that much hormonal deficiency, the black mold toxin, trichothecence.I thought he was crazy at first, but I agreed to perform more testing. It turns out the only place that does the test is a lab in Dallas. My test results were positive for severe toxicity. We found the black mold hidden behind the tile in our shower, cracks in the grout allowed watrer to leak down in the wall every time we showered, our home is only 3 years old.We have now had it all removed. My daughters and I are feeling much better. Dr Sponaugle’s DNA test showed that I had the genetics that only 1 out of 4 Americans have, I cant remove these toxic gases produced by mold, they just keeep building up in my brain and body causing anxiety, panic, fatigue and depression. They also shut down every hormone in your body, not just yor sex hormones.Dr Sponaugle tested hormones i hadnt heard of, neither had my sister, she’s a nurse, he performed cortesy testing on my husband and my 3 daughters, my husband didnt have the gene, but my daughters got the genetics from me as Dr Sponaugle said they would. He tested my daughters, they were severely toxic from the same gaseous mold toxins, this explained why they too were suffering from depression, ADD symptoms and fatigue.My 14 year old daughter, Mellissa, had not yet started puberty like all the other girls in her class. We had taken her last January to the Endocrinologists here in Houston at the University of Texas, they said her pituitary gland was not putting out any hormones, but, they didnt know why, we were scared to death and let them put her on hormones, including growth hormones.They had no clue, it really makes me angry that I had to go to Florida Detox for addiciton to find out why my kids were so sick and my daughter couldnt have a normal puberty.I went back with my daughters to Florida after we got proof of Dr Sponaugle’s diagnosis and found the hidden mold infestation in our home.We did a two week mold detoxification program for two hours a day in his office. We met people there from all over the world, even a 32 year old girl from Norway who said she couldnt walk without a walker when she first got to Dr Sponaugles clinic, after 3 weeks of his treatment including detox, she was playing volleyball on the beach.I was amazed when I went back for Dr Sponaugles IV toxin removal treatment because I met many women and their families from all over with similar stories like mine, they had been addicted to pain pills and suffered all my symptoms from different toxin build up, they call his IV room the miracle room, one lady, Meg from Boston, I just saw her video testimony on Dr S Lyme page, had been treated by Harvard doctors for @ 20 years and couldnt figure out why she could barely get out of beds.My 14 year old is off all her hormones and is growing like she should. Her growth hormone and sex hormones are all healthy. My 12 year old son is off his ADD medicine and my 10 year old no longer argues about everything.I feel like I am 25 years old instead of 75, I have no craving, I no longer suffer total body pain [fibromyalgia] fatigue, depression. Wow, I thought I was going to Florida Detox just for a painless detox, God led us there for my whole family. My husband and I thank God for Dr Sponaugle and teh caring nurses at his clinic every day, yes he gets behind on follow up visits, he spends too much time trying to make sure he teach us the complicated body interactions, it must be hard to have to repeat it everyday, as a pharmacist I didnt get it the first time or two because my brain was shut down from toxins, now that my brain works again, I get it. Oh, almost forgot, my brother did Dr Sponaugle’s wellness program after he saw my transformation, he had similar electrifying nervous system symtoms and a low testosterone @ 50 like the gentleman who wrote below, he too had my genetics and suffered from mold toxicity from his office where the ceiling leaked a couple years ago.He’s 44 and now, after Dr S mold toxicity treatment has a healthy Test level, more imortantly, all his hormones are now normal and he has no symptoms of the twitching he was masking with Xanax .

Susan, a very thankful mother and wife in Houston


I was at my wits end. My son, had an addiction to pain meds for degenerative disk disease. At age 27, he was looking at a life of Oxy’s, Percocets and recently Opana. He was so depressed he spoke of ending his life. I called in on a Monday night and the center was nice enough to get my son in on a Tuesday morning. We first spoke to Dennis, what an awesome man. He was very concerned about my son’s state and worked very quickly to get him started and feeling better. Within 3 – 4 days, I could already notice a difference. He is in week two and feeling amazing. For the first time in as many years as I can remember, I have my son back. For all the terrible comments I’ve read, shame on those people. It sounds like a vendetta to me. Thank you Dr. Sponaugle and your wonderful staff!!!!


After going through rehab 4 times in California and rapid detox twice in Michigan only to relapse to Oxycontin in less than a month every time, I am thrilled to find an addiction specialist like Dr Sponaugle who understands brain craving for Oxycontin and Cocaine.Dr. Sponaugle detoxed me from 600 mg a day of Oxycontin with minimal to no pain. I took Naltrexone for three weeks, then continued with Dr. Sponaugle’s wellness program for 8 weeks.I have no craving for Oxy’s and I have lost 30 pounds that I had gained since high school. Dr. Sponaugle stopped all my craving in just five days. I can’t believe it, I have been drug free for almost a year and I have no desire to use again. My brain works better at 45 than it did when I was 30. His use of brain science really works. I have referred two friends one for alcohol detox and one for Methadone detox, none have relapsed and all look 10 years younger. Thrilled with Dr. Sponaugle and Florida Detox!

Liz in san Francisco


I am so impressed with Dr. Sponaugle that I am sending my husband and two kids there. Dr. Sponaugle actually teaches you why you crave certain drugs and lifestyles. He has a 5 hour seminar that completely explains the brain along with the rest of the body. He detoxed me in one day, and his drips restored my health in just 4 days! This man is a genius, and I know he will do wonders with my husband and kids!


I arrived at the clinic in tremendous pain and addicted to drugs. I was depressed, anxious and had no sleep. Not only did Dr. Sponaugle solve my addiction (painlessly by the way) but he found mold toxins that were attacking my brain too. In just one week my craving was nearly gone and there was light at the end of the tunnel. I have reached the end of that tunnel and I am in sunshine forever.


Not only is Dr. Sponaugle a God send, but I lost 40 pounds in three months on his program. Not nearly as expensive as other clinics like Betty Ford (50,000). Plus it actually works. You dont sit around in a circle and talk about your problems. I was told to stop using drugs out of fear of jail and my kids but not anymore. Dr. sponaugle gave me my life back.


Dr Sponaugle saved my son’s life. It took 3 detox clinics before we finally found Dr. Sponaugle but it was well worth the wait. I am fully in debt to this man forsaving my sons life. My son has been clean for over a year and a half. He couldn’t remain clean for more than a week or two before!! Thank you doctor!!


Dr. Sponaugle is no short of a genius. He is the smartest man I have ever been in contact with. He correctly diagnosed me in one hour after 4 Psychiatrists decided on giving me 11, I repeat 11, different medications over just a four month period. How does everyone miss things, yet Dr. Sponaugle can find them? Ill tell you why, because he looks for the problem. He provides adequate testing to back his optimization of brain chemistry. This man undoubtedly saved my life not once but twice. Because in that same initial testing on day one, Dr. Sponaugle found a brain tumor as well. Do not be hesitant in this man. Dr. Sponaugle is the smartest man in this country with tremendous care given to his patients.


I am the mother of a 22 year old son living in Alabama who was at wits end at what to with his escalating addition and health issues. I had heard about Florida Detox from a former patient who lives near us and after hearing what she had to say about his practice I knew it was what we needed. To make a long story short, after a couple of very informative phone calls with their consultants, we arrived down there on Monday morning. After an initial assessment with a multitude of blood work, EKG and physical workup, Dr. Sponaugle ascertained that my son had Mitral Valve Prolapse and would need intervention and need it soon. He was kind enough to recommend a couple of cardiologists in the area to help us but we decided to see the cardiologist back in Alabama. I took my son to The University of Alabama where he was seen by their cardiology staff who recommended immediate surgery to prevent further damage from being done.Thanks to Dr. Sponaugle’s exceptional diagnostic skills, my son is finally healthy again and back on the right track.


I have been a patient of Dr. Sponaugle’s. The reason I went there was to detox from opiates and xanax. Words cannot fully describe the care I was given at the hospital as well as the guidance I received from the staff, not to mention Linda who helped me understand how the program works and answered all of my many questions until I arrived, she was my lifeline and angel. Doc has a dedicated staff. When I read the trash on this site I was appalled. I can tell you right now, without knowing who this crazy person is, that they did not work the program and just want to trash the Doc and try to get some monetary gain. How sad for them. Please realize I do not normally do anything on computers, but when I read this I had to respond. Dr. Sponaugle is the most dedicated, passionate, and life saving Doctor out there.


I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and Lyme disease. Dr. Rick Sponaugle made the diagnosis. The significance is the fact that I have spent considerable amounts of money, visited numerous doctors, sacrificed hours of family time researching my own condition, agonized over symptoms which perplexed the most advanced medical community in the world. Yet, none of the doctors or hospital could correctly diagnose my condition. Then I visited Dr. Sponaugle at the Florida Detox and Wellness Institute. I was convinced that if I kept donating money to medical institutions, the doctors would care enough to find out what was causing my medical problem. I was wrong. I needed a doctor who devoted his life and career to helping people just like me that required thinking outside the box. I needed Dr. Sponaugle.I am very philanthropic with a focus on medical charities. I have donated millions to various cancer causes. I am a major benefactor at the Mayo Clinic donating over $1 million. I tell you this because I want you all to know how important medical charities are to me. I know how important medical research is and its impact on lives. Several years ago, my daughter was very sick. Nothing made sense with her health for her complexion to her bathroom habits not to mention her height was greatly stunted. I took her to doctors at a children’s hospital and was told the same story of how she seemed like a healthy girl and that whatever her current issue is that it was nearly impossible to pinpoint the culprit. Frustrated and sad for my sick little girl, I took her to see Dr. Sponaugle. Within a few days, he was able to accurately diagnose her as being gluten intolerant. Not only did my daughter improve immediately, she continues to be well today with no sign of illness and has since grown to almost 6 feet tall and is playing sports again. Dr. Sponaugle was able to figure out what plagued my daughter when large university medical facilities never took the time to do the required R&D to find an answer. Dr. Sponaugles practice and team are the most impressive I have visited. Keep in mind that I spent a great deal of time at The Mayo Clinic trying to solve my own medical issues. I have been in some of the finest medical facilities in the world and I can assure you that Dr. Sponaugles ranks among the very best. I am proud of the work being conducted at the Florida Detox and Wellness Institute and I want you to know the significant impact Dr. Rick Sponaugle has had on me and my family as well as many others.


I am 55 years old, married for 32 years (to the same man, no less), and have a 21-year-old son and an 18-year-old daughter. My battle with clinical depression began in childhood, leading me to experiment with marijuana and amphetamines in high school, albeit only occasionally. At age sixteen, however, I found a drug that became my choice for escaping my increasingly despondent outlook on life alcohol. When I drank and I drank to excess right away I felt euphoric, happy, and as though I was the life of the party. Alcohol soothed my overactive brain and calmed my nerves. When I drank to excess, my depression lifted, if only temporarily.As the years passed, my depression worsened and my abuse of alcohol increased. I was plagued with dark, suicidal thoughts and I suffered from insomnia, unable to sleep more than four or five hours a night. I would awaken at 3:30 a.m., my mind racing, and be unable to go back to sleep. For over twenty-five years I sought the help of countless psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors, spending tens of thousands of dollars on psychological treatment. I tried every anti-depressant on the market and when individual ones didnt provide relief the doctor would mix them together. All of the doctors professed skepticism when I insisted I felt no different on the medications and indeed felt even worse on certain ones. I tried Alcoholics Anonymous and individual alcohol treatment to no avail. I sat through sessions during which doctors and counselors would say, You do realize your drinking is a choice and You have a great husband and two beautiful children how can you do this to them? Do you want to lose them? These sessions merely served to exacerbate my feelings of inadequacy, shame, and poor self-esteem. The doctors would forever tell me that my drinking was the cause of my depression, when I knew that it was my depression that caused me to drink. Although I knew logically that it was my choice to drink, I yet felt that something was compelling me to drink. I told doctor after doctor that the only time I had ever felt normal and happy was when I was pregnant, and that I felt hormones were a factor in my depression. They disagreed, saying that I was happy simply because I was expecting. I also posited that despite the normal thyroid numbers on my lab tests, I was lacking something in this area as well. I had researched the symptoms of an underactive thyroid and it is a condition that my mother and several of my sisters suffer from. Again, the doctors told me that my problems were strictly psychological, as lab tests dont lie. I was told, sometimes kindly and sometimes in no uncertain terms, that I should leave the diagnosing to the doctor and let him or her tell me how I felt or should feel. They did not want to acknowledge or give credence to any perceived failure on their part to help me overcome my depression and physical issues.Despair and hopelessness are cancers that rob a person of their past, present, and future. My entire life had been irrevocably tinged with the dismal realization that no matter how great of a husband I had, no matter how beautiful my children were, no matter how successful I was at work or in school, I derived no genuine joy from life. I was a dead man walking, disconnected from the emotions, experiences, and friendships that others take for granted. The single most difficult action for someone suffering from depression to take is to pick up the phone and call for help. For twenty-five years I had managed to do so, only to find that there was no help. By the beginning of 2008, I was completely disillusioned and simply gave up. I no longer dared to hope that this next doctor, this new medication, this new-age crystal therapy, or anything else would be able to pull me from the despairing depths to which I had succumbed. I simply continued to drink solely for the few initial moments of euphoria and accepted the subsequent suffering as my due.A few years later, my son left for college and my daughter was not far behind. I began to consider the imminent empty nest as well as the point at which my children would become parents themselves. I knew they would not want any grandchildren around me when I was drinking and certainly overnight visits would be denied not that I would blame them. I began to fear that I would not even be around for my childrens weddings. Physically, I was as unhealthy as I had ever been. My weight was out of control due to my insatiable craving for carbohydrates and sweets, to which I added an additional thousand calories each day from the alcohol. I wasnt exercising and was suffering from menopausal symptoms. I was truly afraid that my death from a heart attack or stroke was simply a matter of time. Sitting at the computer, I began to research alcohol rehabilitation facilities. This is one avenue I was previously reluctant to consider because of the time away from my children and the steep price. I had heard of the well-known centers such as Betty Ford, Promises, Sierra Tucson, etc., and was also familiar with their relapse rates. And then I came across the Florida Detox Web site. The first item I read was a letter from a woman close to my age who documented her alcohol abuse and how she had given up hope of finding help. I felt as though I was reading a letter I myself had written. As I navigated the Web site, everything that I had been trying to tell so many doctors over so many years jumped out at me: hormones and depression, thyroid and depression, why one person chooses alcohol and another chooses Oxycontin, how a brain that isnt functioning at its best can cause people to self-medicate. Here was the answer I had been searching for all those years. Here was a medical doctor who was not afraid to question himself and his treatments when his drug- and alcohol-addicted patients relapsed. Here was a doctor who set about to learn why and develop a program that flew in the face of traditional medicine and thinking, to his detriment in many cases. Here was a doctor who listened to what his patients told him and treated them accordingly. Here was a doctor who believed that if this persons lab test number was at the lowest end of normal and that persons number was at the highest end of normal, they didnt necessarily feel the same. Here was a doctor who understood. I dialed in to Dr. Sponaugles Webinar the next Tuesday to learn more about his program. I listened several more times before I felt comfortable broaching my questions. Ultimately, although I was afraid to actually hope, I decided to try the program.I made the five-hour flight to Florida in the first part of November, 2010. From the moment I stepped into Dr. Sponaugles office, I was treated with respect, dignity, and true caring. To everyone there, I was not an alcoholic. I was not an addict. I was not a weak, pathetic person who made poor and self-centered choices. I was a valued human being worthy of being diagnosed and treated. My hospital stay was pleasant and my alcohol detox pain-free. I received several of the IV vitamin drips, which I found extremely beneficial. Dr. Sponaugle spent well over an hour with me and my husband, explaining the results of my lab tests which verified the underactive thyroid and hormonal imbalances I knew I suffered from. When I asked him why he was able to diagnose these disorders when others had not, he responded that he reads the tests differently than is considered traditional in other words, what is normal for one person may not be for someone else. He also told me that he listens to what his patients tell him. If a patient is hovering on the high or low end of normal but is free of adverse symptoms and feels great, there is no reason to prescribe medication and supplements to force the number to align to the midpoint. Every single statement Dr. Sponaugle made regarding my diagnosis was backed up by scientific evidence, and every point of my treatment was substantiated. Dr. Sponaugle then explained the precise treatment plan he had designed based on my test results and verbal feedback of how I felt. He also outlined the follow-up testing and visits (included in the cost) that extended for an entire year. Dr. Sponaugle saved my life. Let me say that again. Dr. Sponaugle saved my life. In less than a weeks time, my craving for alcohol disappeared. My craving for carbohydrates disappeared. My insomnia disappeared. My depression and suicidal thoughts disappeared. For the first time in my life, excepting my pregnancy, I felt normal. I felt hopeful. I felt happy. I felt connected to the world and life in a way that I have never been before. Six months later, forty-five pounds lighter, a more loving wife to my husband and more patient mother to my children, I am healthy, happy, and excited about living. I no longer shun activities with friends to hide at home and drink. I no longer refuse to attend business functions with my husband for fear of embarrassing him or myself. As I write this, my husband and daughter are out of town for the weekend and I am alone. I have wine and liquor here in my house. I could drink all weekend long and my husband would never know. Yet, I havent touched any of it and have absolutely no desire to do so. Thanks to Dr. Sponaugle, his staff, and their treatment program, the addiction that ruled and nearly destroyed my life is simply gone.I cannot speak to the drug detox of his patients, only to my own detox from alcohol, which you have read. Again, I can speak only to my own experience, and I did see Dr. Sponaugle himself both the first time I went to the facility and again when I returned for my three-month follow-up. Is there a long wait for appointments? Yes, sometimes, because Dr. Sponaugle and his staff believe in being thorough and giving each patient as much time as they need to discuss and understand their care. I found this refreshing, not annoying. I may have waited longer than I might in another doctors office, but I knew once I entered the office of either Dr. Sponaugle or one of his nurses, I was not going to be rushed through my appointment or made to feel as though I was taking up too much time. As far as the supplements, I have never been pressured to purchase them from Dr. Sponaugles office. In fact, because they knew I was flying home, they suggested waiting until I was home to buy them so I wouldnt have to carry them on the plane. I got the feeling that the supplements are there for the convenience of the patients, but it is not the primary focus of the practice. I also read some complaints that downplayed the necessity of following the program. The hospital detox is only one facet of treatment. It is essential to follow the medication and supplement regime that has been tailored specifically to your body and brain chemistry. If you dismiss this crucial element of treatment, you cannot expect to maintain the success you gained by detoxing. I am the poster child for People Who Cant Abide Taking Pills, yet I was committed to the after care program designed for me because I felt so good. And the $19,000 cost of the program? Considering that Ive probably spent ten times that amount in psychiatric fees, doctor visits, medications, hypnosis, and Tanqueray with zero results, Dr. Sponaugles charge was a bargain. Had I known the outcome of my treatment at Florida Detox ahead of time, I would have paid him $100,000. Dr. Sponaugle saved my life, and I cant even put a price on that.My friends and family know me as private person who does not easily confide in them. Many of my extended family members and even close friends would have been surprised to learn the extent of my alcohol problem. If someone had told me six months ago that I would allow a videotaped testimony of my experience at Florida Detox to be placed on the front page of an internet Web site, I would have told them they were crazy. Yet, I volunteered to do just that when I returned to Florida Detox for my first follow-up visit. I was not asked to do it. I was not compensated for it nor do I wish to be. It is a way for me to thank Dr. Sponaugle for giving my life back to me and to hopefully encourage others who have not found help elsewhere to go to Florida Detox. Thank you for taking the time to read this. In summary, I believe Dr. Sponaugle exemplifies professionalism, is ethically and morally scrupulous, tirelessly pursues knowledge that will benefit but never harm his patients, treats every patient with utmost courtesy and dignity, and genuinely cares about the people he treats. I pray that others will recognize and appreciate these traits in this good doctor, despite his innovative, non-traditional approach to treatment.


My father began to show signs of decline both in his physical movement and mental sharpness. He had sought treatment from top specialists in the Annapolis, MD and Washington, DC areas including his general practitioner, neuroligists, pulmonary specialists, cardiologists, and a variety of other medical doctors. Despite being tested for nearly every possibility based on his symptoms he never received a clear and convincing diagnosis. He showed and was treated for Parkinson like symptoms, dementia like symptoms and possible Alzheimer’s disease. His health continued to decline until he was no longer able to walk unaided, bathe himself, dress himself or be left unattended. My mother believed she had exhausted every resource which was recommended by the local establishment. Our family had previously received life saving Lyme treatment from Dr. Sponaugle at Florida Detox and Wellness and we were aware of his advanced treatment of brain related illnesses. We scheduled an appt. and Dr. Sponaugle sent a host of tests to be performed prior to our visit. The independent lab tests reported that our father suffered from Lyme disease, severe mold toxicity, and stratospheric benzene toxicity. Any and all of these diseases are toxic to the brain and physical function. Our father received 3 weeks of treatment with Dr. Sponaugle in Florida and he prescribed a supplement and medicine program which we followed. Our Father had now become almost bed ridden and required admittance to a long term care facility. The Doctors at the facility told us there was nothing they could do and that we should start making final arrangements. All the while we continued to follow the strict supplement and medicine program laid out by Dr. Sponaugle. In what now can only be explained as a medical miracle, our father has over the last three weeks recovered his ability to walk, feed and bathe himself, get in and out of bed on his own, and has shown incredible improvement in mental functioning. While his memory is not yet at 100% he is reovering many memories that had been lost, is able to carry on a coversation, is aware of his location and time and details about his extended family. At a progress meeting this week, the doctors recommended that he be permitted to return home next week at the completion of his physical therapy. Local doctors were encouraging my mother to make final arrangements. We continued to remain hopeful, encouraged by the loving concern and care of Dr. Sponaugle and we hope that his methodology and practice become acknowledged as an alternative for other patients with similar conditions. We owe our father’s very life to Dr. Sponaugle and words cannot convey our gratitude for his dedication to his patients and his willingness to use everything in his repetoire to restore his patients health and well-being.


I am more than satisfied with my experience with Dr. Sponagle. He and his staff made me feel secure when I went to his wellness center. Any question I asked was answered in a way that I could understand. The Monday lecture that Dr. Sponagle does HIMSELF, rather than having his nurse do it, is informative. It was fascinating. I believe anyone would benefit from attending it. Dr. Sponagle is dedicated and passionate and does not have a GOD complex like some doctors do. He has helped me be the happies that I have ever been in my entire life. Anyone who needs his help, should go. You will not be disappointed.


I am a current patient of Dr Sponaugle’s and have nothing but rave reviews to contribute as this man/Dr who has dedicated his life to the care and treatment of alcoholic/drug addicted patients has also correlated the association of diseases like in my case of black mold and also lymes diseae which made my recent years a living nightmare. After numerous attempts to overcome a futile situation, I heard about the Florida Detox center and admitted myself for their rapid detox program. I can say 3 months later, I am almost free of pain and they are following my mold toxicity very closely. I have been a health care professional for many years and I can honestly say that this man and his wonderful caring staff have helped me put my life back on track. Thank you Dr Sponaugle. I am here because you took the time to figure it out when no one else could.


Dr. Sponaugle is dedicated to changing lives. He goes the extra mile for his patients, staff, and family. It was a few months ago that I learned about Florida Detox and Wellness Institute. I was blown away within the first several minutes of meeting Dr. Sponaugle and hearing about his research. I wanted to learn more. Over the course of these months, I did exactly that. I came to more seminars/webinars, meet with his staff, met with the Doctor himself. There was one thing that I found consistent. Dr. Sponaugle cares whole heartedly about each and every person that walks through his doors and fights to give them another chance. I am excited to hear about more great successes.

Glenda, Vulvodynia and Oxycontin

It feels like someone has taken a razor blade and made several slices in your vagina; THEN poured acid inside the vagina. The burning feels as if it’s bubbling; this burning is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I also developed pain down my right thigh and leg. 

Eventually, you feel as if you are going out of your mind. You feel as if you have reached a dead end; so that is when I went to Boston, Mass. with my husband Steve, my good friend, Mary Eanes, who is a Physician’s Assistant, to a world renowned GYN, that diagnosed me with VULVODYNIA which is an incurable disease. Dr. Stewart recommended the following: Go back to California, find an excellent Pain Specialist and have him prescribe a strong pain medication.  

After coming back to California it took me 5 more months before I could bring myself to seek out a “Good Pain Specialist”. I was I guess fortunate to find a good pain specialist; he was extremely cautious at first, until he got to know me. Know me means to find out I DO NOT have an “addictive personality”, before he prescribed Oxycontin.  

I cried the day he gave me the prescription; I went to my friend P.A. Mary Eanes at her office and pulled her out of taking care of other patients to ask, “Mary, I have never in my 53 yrs ever taken anything stronger than an aspirin. What should I do”? Mary asked how much pain I was enduring. I told her I felt as if I was losing my mind with pain and Can’t concentrate, can’t cope. Mary said, “That is your answer -you do whatever you can to make your life bearable.  

Along with taking the Oxycontin came deep deep depression, along with no hope after visiting 28 doctors. I became bedridden 95% of the time. Never leaving my house; avoiding my friends, avoiding my family, never wanting to talk with anyone; paranoid to drive even up the driveway. In fact, many times when I had to go to the doctor, 30 miles away, I called my Mother to talk to me on my cell while I drove to the doctor, talking calmly to me until I reached the doctors lobby. There was also extreme anxiety, and life was so so stressful.  

Clothing also became a problem. I could not wear any type of pants; just sweats that are loose fitting. I thought my life as I knew it was over. I tried to commit suicide 3 times. I felt like I was a complete failure to GOD, myself, my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my parents, my brothers and the rest of my family.  

When I was needed the most when my father (daddy) was so…sick and dying, I was paralyzed to help one of the most important persons in my life. Daddy meant everything to me and I was in so much pain and in the darkest days of my life, when he needed me the most. I live with that guilt every single day of my life.  

I know Daddy knew and he understood and he forgives me.  

And then along with all the pain and the depression came another challenge. In January of 2005 Steve moved to Florida, so he could fly bigger equipment, and to be able to finish his career flying international. I gave him my blessing, although I knew and daddy knew it would be a huge strain on our marriage. In fact, daddy warned Steve of the hardship he knew the Florida move and separation would put on our marriage. Daddy was a wise man. Our marriage did indeed start failing. Steve could not take the constant crying, the depression, the complaining of the pain. His wife that used to be independent, strong, in good shape and self-sufficient was now gone. Then in the fall of 2008 I was told I had another lump in the right breast and was told it was cancer.  

Finally on February 6th, 2009, GOD answered my prayers. That February day Lexi (my granddaughter) had came over to visit and play. When she came upstairs to kiss me good-bye, Lexi said,” Ninna will there ever be a day when you don’t have to take all that medicine and be able to play with me like you used to”? Lexi kissed me and walked downstairs so Papa could take her home.  

I laid there for 15-20 minutes thinking about what Lexi had said and that my marriage was heading for a divorce after 31 years. I HAD TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT after lying in bed for 8 yrs.  

I got up and walked downstairs, started the computer and googled; “RAPID DETOX”. GOD was there to guide my fingers to click on “Florida Detox”. After investigating several other detox places, GOD kept me going back to Florida Detox. They were truly the answer to all my prayers that I had been praying for the last 8 years.  

Steve and I flew back there on April 25th, after Steve practically pulled me out of bed, with the help of Paula Grady of Florida Detox begging me to get on the plane. She promised me a new beginning.  

I checked into the hospital at Florida Detox on April 27th, 2009 with the hope that this would truly be a turning point in my life. And it truly WAS the beginning of a new life. I was assured that Dr. Sponaugle and Dr. Moritz and the wonderful nurses and staff would never abandon me and to this day they have stood by their word.  

On Monday, April 27th at 9:00AM, Steve and I walked into Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital, where Florida Detox is located. Stephanie painlessly drew 7-8 vials of blood. Then on to the seminar that Dr. Sponaugle presents to the new group of us that are there to be detoxed along with our loved ones. The seminar is 5-6 hours of information that for some goes completely over our heads. Me for one. Luckily, Steve and I have been able to attend to more seminars and they finally started to compute. What an unbelievable amount of informative information. I taped it twice so I could listen to it again and again.  

After the seminar it’s up to the 7th floor to get checked in and say our goodbyes. On Tuesday morning at around 6am, I was put under anesthesia and the next time I remember is Wednesday morning. And although I was so tired and all I wanted to do was sleep, we were encouraged by the head nurse and “Comic Relief” to walk, hold our eyes open which both were extremely hard to do.  

Something was different on Thursday when I woke up. There was NO MORE BURNING and I was HAPPY and felt like the old Glenda! I would like to share a story with you that Steve told me with tears in his eyes. On that Thursday when Steve said he got off the elevator on the 7th floor, he heard me laughing and cutting up with one of my fellow detox patient and Steve said; “When I heard you laughing, I just SMILED.  

Was it a miracle or was it GOD? I chose to think it was GOD that had sent me to this wonderful place. GOD has given the doctors and nurses at Florida Detox the knowledge to know what my body was lacking and what it desperately needed. It has been almost 120 days since I have had any burning or pain.  

The answer is, in part, hormones. We women can lose estrogen from birth control pills and as we get older we lose estrogen. We need estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and dopamine to make us happy and serotonin to make us rest. If our bodies are not able to make these hormones then we need to get them through other means.  

Florida Detox & Wellness Institute is there for you if you have a drug to detox from and they are there to heal you from whatever health problems you might have.  

Women with Vulvodynia are not one treatment fits all; but Florida Detox is there for you now and for as long as you need them. They will find the answer!!  

I have been blessed with a wonderful family for which I love with all my heart. Thank you to the ones who stood in there with me and I pray this email will give the ones I failed an understanding of what the last 8 1/2 yrs have been like for me.  

One other thing I would like to mention to all my women friends and family- please purchase the book “Women Screaming To Be Heard,” by Elizabeth Vliet, MD. This book is the single most helpful book I have ever read that would be helpful to you whether you have health issues or not. You can purchase this book on Amazon.com used. 

I know each and every one of us has our problems and health issues and I want you to all know I pray that GOD will be there for you like he has been there for me.  


Much Love,  


A Grateful mother

September 19, 2001 

Dear Dr. Sponaugle, 

I am a very grateful parent. My adult child, Tricia had her 28th birthday last week. I will try to tell the story that took place the last four years. I pray this will help others decide if Florida Detox is part of the answer to the life controlling problem one is seeking freedom from. 

During the last few years I was alarmed every time I talked to Tricia. How close to death she has come. Tricia has a painful shoulder injury. During the last four years doctors prescribed pain medication, the strength increased to the addictive opiates. Tricia came to me two years ago and said the pain medication was out of control. She went into a detox hospital for seven days. Ten days out she relapsed. Five months ago Tricia was out of money, her addiction was costing about $1,600 a month, and decided to ask for help again. She found a pain management clinic and made an appointment for the next day, the next two months were expensive and the injection-able medication for the detox from OxyContin would be for to six months. Tricia’s doctor made the decision to change Tricia to methadone, much less expensive. Tricia decided to go to a long term detox treatment facility to put her life back together but the methadone was very hard to detox from. The doctor at the long term rehab facility suggested a rapid detox for Tricia. 

I went on the Internet and started to study the facilities. I had been told of experiences from family members who went to a facility in New York, a 24 hour in and out, the patient was basically on their own. I was praying and asking for guidance from God. I found Florida Detox, gave the office a call and spoke to Rose, the concern and care she permeated helped me with the questions we had. 

Tricia had the procedure two and a half months ago. The staff thoroughly screened Tricia for the detox procedure. We felt confident with Dr. Sponaugle and his staff, you would think Tricia was the only patient with the time and care Tricia received. Every step of the way we were given information, medical assistance and emotional support. The procedure went as explained, about 4 hours, then Tricia was taken to the Telemetry floor, where she spent the next two days, the next morning Dr. Sponaugle released Tricia and we stayed at a nearby hotel and kept in touch with Dr. Sponaugle. The next morning was Sunday, Tricia and I went to the morning and evening service at a local church, the afternoon was spent resting. Monday morning we returned to the hospital for a conference with Dr. Sponaugle to go over after care for the next few weeks. Tricia went directly into the long term rehab program. She is half way through and I will never forget the phone call in which Tricia stated “I must have been so out of it Mom!” My daughter has returned from the hell of addiction. 

The after care by Dr. Sponaugle is an ongoing treatment with his detox patients. He has Tricia on a pain medication for her shoulder that is not addictive. He walks his patients through the six months after care. Each patient is treated with their special needs, Dr. Sponaugle monitors the physical and mental needs. I can assure you that you are in the very best hands with Florida Detox. I must also add that Dr. Sponaugle is a born again believer and trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to discern and give care for his patients. 

There is a Loving God to help in a time of trouble and He hears your cry for help, however you have been brought to this letter, I pray that you know it is by a Loving God, who has a plan for your life. 

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and to give you hope and a future. Jer 29:11 

Grateful mother
West Palm Beach, FL

Rick, Toledo, OH

Dear Dr. Sponaugle, 

I apologize for not writing to you sooner, but I guess that speaks to the success of your program that I have been so busy getting on with my new life. It has now been three weeks since you detoxed me and I can’t believe I am the same person that you saw just a short time ago. My journey seems to be an all too familiar story that took me from a ‘normal’ physically active person, who was prescribed pain medication from my family doctor, to a three-year dependence that left me a thoroughly broken man. After being diagnosed with a skin disorder inside my mouth that resulted in open blisters that were so painful that I could barely force food into my system my doctor gave me Vicoprofen fro pain relief. Two years and several doctors later the Vicoprofen wasn’t yielding the pain relief as it did earlier and I found myself taking more to try to lesson the pain. It was about this time that my life took a dangerous turn that led me to a hell that only people who have experienced this situation could understand. About one year ago a different doctor prescribed what he referred to as a new medication that would help me ‘considerably’; the name of the drug was Oxycontin. 

At first Oxycontin worked effectively and there didn’t seem to be any problems. However after about four months I noticed that I was continuously increasing the amount and frequency of the medication to achieve the pain relief that I originally received. I was now in a place that I have come to know as ‘oxy hell’. My doctors did not understand the type of dependence that this drug creates and I found myself constantly worrying about how and when I would be able to refill or get a new script. I graduated to taking 200 milligrams a day and I woke up every morning with what I now know are withdrawal symptoms. Until I took my morning ‘fix’ I would shake uncontrollably and felt as if I would crawl out of my skin. My original condition, which started this mess, was dissipating and I knew that I was in big trouble after I “tried to reduce the Oxycontin gradually as my doctor had instructed. This left me in a state of failure and depression that was serious enough that I was contemplating actions that I don’t care to remember. I was now at the end of my rope. 

For some unknown reason while sitting at my desk one day I decided to go on the internet to look up Oxycontin to see if there was any additional information on this drug and what I found saved my life. Not only were there other people suffering as I was, but some of the stories were identical. This led me to search a little deeper when all of a sudden your web site popped up. I read with great interest the testimonials and treatment methods performed at your facility and how successful you have been. I was so excited that there might be an answer, however there was one big problem; being Jewish how could I go to a treatment facility that advertises under the name Christian Detox. After a great deal of reflection I decided to make the call. I am not an extremely religious person but I do believe in fate and that everything in life happens for a reason. Rose answered the phone and explained to me that your program was indeed a spiritual one however it would not be sacrilegious for me to undergo the treatment nor would you or your staff push anything unwanted upon your patients. I was sick and needed help, once I figured this out nothing else mattered. 

My wife and I discussed the situation and we concluded that it was time to get on a plane and head to Florida. We arrived on Thursday and I was greeted by Rose at the hospital that afternoon. She immediately made me feel welcome and for the first time I finally found someone who understood my pain. Rose explained the procedure and continuously comforted me about my decision from a medical and religious standpoint. After a few tests I met with Dr. Sponaugle. God puts people in your life for a reason and Rick Sponaugle has most certainly changed my life. The detox began on Friday morning and I really don’t remember much after that until Saturday when I noticed that the sick feeling was gone. As I stated earlier only those affected by these drugs can comprehend the relief that I felt, I was free. Aside from a little diarrhea and feeling a little light headed I felt fine. In Saturday evening I was released from the hospital and went back to my hotel room for a couple of days of recuperation. It was this time that I really found out just how dedicated and inspirational Dr. Sponaugle is! 

We had several long discussions about life and spirituality over the phone, and yes even in my hotel room when the doctor stopped by to check on me. Life is an amazing journey and until now God was always a question mark with me, but now I know that there is a bigger picture and I can’t ignore it anymore. I can’t begin to thank you and your staff enough for the kindness, understanding and guidance you have given me during our brief time together and because of your efforts I now have a life free of bondage and misery. I know we will continue to communicate with each other and we look forward to our visit with you in the spring. Until then I wish you and your family all the best, and if you ever need any additional testimony on your unbelievable and life changing work, please don’t hesitate to call. 

Sidney – unknown 

This card of thanks is written with the deepest thanks, respect and appreciation my heart can send. My husband, Sidney, told me how caring and wonderful a doctor you were but even more so was what a religious man you are. 

I know Jehovah God had a hand in which hospital and treatment area my son was to go. When my husband told me you prayed for him (Corey/Casy/Gary?) I knew for a fact then you were “Heaven Sent.” I too believe in the guidance and the power of prayer! 

With utmost Thankfulness,
Verna and Sidney


Ed, Springfield, MA

“For seven years I had a chemical dependency on the prescribed drug klonopin which my former P.C.P. prescribed. Even though I was on a supposedly low dose of .50 mg a day, I incurred terrible side effects, and trying to get off the med was impossible. In these years I saw countless doctors to try and help me get off the klonopin with no success. Every day I felt like a zombie, being disoriented, spacey, dizzy, feeling “off-balancey” and listless, all due to the prolonged use of klonopin. Also, due to klonopin, I was experiencing loud noise in my left ear known as tinnitus. This was constant and made it hard to sleep, concentrate, and function. Unfortunately I tried numerous times to stop using klonopin with the help of my doctors but the withdrawal problems (i.e. trembling, shakiness, severe sweating, etc) made doing this impossible. After suffering for seven years I realized no regular doctor could help and I needed a qualified drug rehab program to help change my life.  

I went on the internet to locate a professional drug rehab program and read about the Florida Detox center in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I was impressed with the information provided and decided to give them a call. I spoke to Paula, the patient consultant at Florida Detox and told her my story. Paula told me that Florida Detox used scientific, up the date methods in helping patients humanely and successfully get off addicting drugs and alcohol, and that they could definitely help me. Paula mentioned that Florida Detox offers a fully integrated treatment program that balances brain chemistry and nutritional deficiencies. After talking to Paula I started to believe that someone could help my addiction to klonopin and decided that I definitely should give Florida Detox a try.  

When I arrived at the Tampa airport there were continued signs of hope that I made the right decision. Florida Detox offers transportation service from the airport, train station, etc. to Tarpon Springs as part of the detox program. When the driver arrived to transport me to my hotel I had a nice conversation with him. He indicated how successful the rehab program at Florida Detox is and said that “everyone who leave the facility feels much better”. By saying this it made me feel better. The next day I arrived at Florida Detox which is located at the Helen Ellis Memorial hospital. The first day of the program I listened to the speech given by Dr. Rick Sponaugle, the medical director at Florida Detox, which was very informative. Dr. Sponaugle mentioned how brain chemistry and hormonal imbalances play a major role in drug addiction, and correcting these imbalances can go a long way in helping the patient. I was very impressed with the passion and knowledge that Dr. Sponaugle showed at the lecture, and my confidence in the program grew even more. During the lecture Dr. Sponaugle introduced a woman who started the program one month earlier. She mentioned her experience at Florida Detox and how she had a dependency problem. In the beginning of the program she had a very pessimistic attitude and truly thought the detox was a waste of time. After only a few days, though, she experienced tremendous improvement, and after only one month she was back to normal with no dependency program, felt great, and couldn’t thank Dr. Sponaugle enough. I was encouraged and hoped that the same scenario could happen to me.  

That same day I did some blood work and eventually spoke to Dr. Moritz, the physician at Florida Detox. He was familiar with my dependency to klonopin and believed I was a good candidate for the detox program. He mentioned a few times that “I would get better” and that much of my dependency problem was due to brain chemistry. Later that day I was assigned a room at the Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital and met the medical staff from Florida Detox. The staff explained in detail the detox procedure and answered any questions I had. In a short period a time I found the staff very knowledgeable, professional, and caring, and this made me feel more comfortable since even though the first day was optimistic, I still was scared.  

The second day of the detox program I became somewhat tired and groggy, but the medical staff indicated this was expected. They were always there to help and were attentive to all my needs and the detox was going well as planned. When I woke up the third day I noticed a huge improvement! That spacey, drugged out, disoriented feeling was gone, and I was not listless. Also, for this day, there was no tinnitus. I just couldn’t believe such improvement happened so fast after all those years of suffering. My next two days showed continued improvement and I couldn’t have been more pleased. As an added benefit, the program included two massages which I found very relaxing.  

On my final day at Florida Detox I had my exit consultation with Doctor Moritz and Elaine, the nurse practitioner. They gave me paperwork which detailed a well thought out program of appropriate medications and supplements to be followed. Also it was explained to me that even though the rapid detox stay is normally 4 to 5 days as an inpatient at Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital, the program is for 90 days, and during the rest of this period the medical staff encourages patient to call them for any questions, concerns, comments, updates on your condition, and anything else you might want to advise them of.  

Arriving home I was very satisfied with Florida Detox’s program. All my symptoms were gone except for only the lingering tinnitus which came and gone for a few weeks after being back home. Still, it was significantly much better and much of the time when it did come back I didn’t even notice it. As the weeks went by the tinnitus continued to be less and less noticeable, and today I do not have it anymore! This was actually a bonus to me, considering for the past couple years I kept having a buzzing noise in my left ear which affected sleep, reading, concentrating, etc. and all the doctors, including my E.N.T., said that I had to learn to live with it.  

I went back to Florida Detox half way through the program for an office visit with Elaine. She reviewed my program and made appropriate adjustments to the meds and supplements, and also was encouraged at the progress I have made. Later I was able to speak with Dr. Sponaugle and told him about my improvement and how satisfied I was with the program, and he was just as happy for me. Besides being very knowledgeable about brain chemistry and how it affects one’s addiction, Dr. Sponaugle shows tremendous passion for his work and deeply cares for the patients at Florida Detox. I couldn’t thank him enough, he along with the entire staff at Florida Detox literally changed the quality of my life and not being chemically dependent on klonopin.  

As I write this testimonial my 90 day detox program is over and I feel so much better. My tinnitus is gone, along with that disoriented, “off-balancey” sensation. These symptoms were definitely due to prolonged klonopin usage, and I haven’t taken klonopin for over 3 months now. I feel like I did 7 years ago, and for the first time in years I have become much more active and started an exercise program of jogging, power walking, and biking.  

No one ever wants to become chemically dependent on any sort of drug or alcohol, but if someone has this problem I highly recommend giving Florida Detox a call and also go to their very informative web site. They are professionals who use state of the art methods to help patients safely and humanely get off drugs and alcohol.”  

 Sincerely; Ed -Springfield, Ma 




Dear Dr. Sponaugle, 

The night before I was supposed to enter traditional detox I found Florida Detox. It was by the grace of God that I happened upon the testimonial of Stephanie and then back paged to read the Florida Detox website. 

At the time I was consuming at least 10 Vicodin a day and probably at least 30 mg of Xanax. I had totally destroyed my career, my finances, and my family. In the months before I was detoxed I closed myself off from everybody, only leaving my house to do absoulutely what was needed. Suicidal thoughts ran through my mind hourly and I didn’t think I could get back from this dark terrible place that my addiction had created. 

Like many people my road to prescription medication addiction began with back surgery. I was also “diagnosed” with panic/anxiety disorder and depression and was prescribed Xanax and a multitude of medications over the years to treat those symtoms. I also indulged in a great deal of self-medication. I now realize that my addiction began many years ago. I only changed my vices. However, I had reached the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

My experience with Florida Detox began after making that first phone call. Nobody judged me but rather they set in place all the mechanics to enable me to go in. Barb even called my family for me to explain the procedure. Shortly after the first phone call I received a call from my father who said I was set to go in on April 17, 2006. 

When the car came to pick me up I had a wonderful driver, Faruz. He had also picked Stephanie up and he talked me through the whole ride. Had it not been for him I do not know if I would have made it in. In the following few days I met so many wonderful and great people, Dr. Sponaugle, his staff, the nurses and many of the other people who detoxed at the same time as me. I can not express in words what a relief it is to finally be able to, “leave your shame at the door,” after so many years of having to lie & scheme to make sure I didn’t go without my drugs. The procedure was so much less painful than going through being drug sick and in the following days everything was done to assure that I was mentally and physically comfortable. As I was also on benzos I had to be weaned off of those but was given medication to ensure that I didn’t have seizures, withdrawls, or cravings. 

I have been clean for a month now and it is a day by day process. However, everybody at Florida Detox has supported me. Dr. Sponaugle truly gave me my life back. I was finally diagnoised correctly and everything in my life made sense. I have ADHD and am on medication that treats the problem not the symptoms. I am also able to handle my back pain without the use of narcotics. 

I would like to let anyone who reads this know that there is hope. No matter how far down you believe you are there are people who care and are willing and able to bring you back. Life is good again! 

If anybody would like to contact me please send me a PM. I will return any messages within a short time. 

Tampa, FL



Bill, Destin FL March 2002

A song was written several years ago about a young man that lived outside the massive walls of a monastery. He had to walk by the compound each day on his 10-mile journey to the market. Cursing every step of the way the song states. One day while on his walk one of the priest had ventured outside the steel gates. Wondering what is would be like to be warm, loved and fed, the young man asked the priest what it is like on the other side. The priest responded, We fall down, and we get up. We fall down and we get up. And the saints are just the sinners who fall down and get up. Sometimes we fall so low that we cannot get up on our own. I have had five back surgeries over the last ten years and had learned how to mask the pain with all kinds of opiates. For the last seven months I had been on physician prescribed methadone. I had no idea what it was doing to me. My physician here in Destin, Florida told me that I needed two weeks in-house detox treatment since I did not want to take methadone anymore. Needless to say, I was devastated. The Bible teaches me that if I will only seek, I will find. Having found much information on the Internet about Rapid Opiate Detox, I chose to pursue Florida Detox. One of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Sponaugle and his entire staff treated me with such respect and dignity. All went way beyond the necessary. It seemed as if I was in a ZERO DEFECT environment. As for the procedure, it was like a four day resting vacation. As the song states, we fall down, we get up. With God’s love and grace and Dr. Sponaugle’s expertise, I am up again. I truly believe God sent me to Florida Detox to get my life back. It worked!!! I have such a motivation to keep it that way. As I see it, mind controlling drugs are a bondage used to prevent us from having a joy filled life. Jesus did not die on the cross for me or you to live our life in handcuffs The freedom I feel is awesome!!! I urge you, if you are being controlled by opiates, please give Rose a call at Florida Detox and she will help you make the first step to freedom. 

Destin, FL March 2002

Tommy – methadone 

Dear Dr. Sponaugle, 

How do I begin to tell you how grateful I am to you? Tommy is doing so much better since his hospitalization. Of course, he still has a way to go, but you have put him on the right path to good health. He always felt like a loser while he was going to the Methadone Clinic. You have helped to give him back his self-esteem. For this I thank you with all my heart. Rick, you’ve given us both a new lease on life. I believe firmly that God led us to you. You are truly a blessing! By the way, the day we left to come home, you prayed that Angels would help us. They did in the form of a lovely young woman who helped us in our struggle to get home. 

Thank you again! God Bless! 

Somerset, MA – January 2002


A grateful wife

Dear Dr. Sponaugle, 

It is with the deepest gratitude that I write to thank you for saving my husband’s life. This week one year ago he was detoxed by you after developing a tolerance to exceedingly high doses of narcotic medications prescribed by physicians for pain accompanying his chronic illness. He was taking more pain medication than is taken by individuals who suffer from terminal cancer. He had developed so many side effects from his medications that it was difficult to tell what symptoms were caused by his illness and pain and what symptoms were caused by the medications independently. The medications had left him physically incapable of managing the day to day tasks much less the demanding work schedule he enjoyed prior to the onset of his declining health. He had begun to question the desirability of continuing his life under these circumstances. With only a few noteworthy exceptions, his physicians during this interval were non-responsive when we attempted to discuss our concerns and fears. Their only solution was to suggest changes in medications- from higher doses of one narcotic medication to higher doses of another. I began my search for alternatives. 

Dr. Sponaugle, I believe that we were led to you by God. When I read the verse from Jeremiah on your web site, I felt that my prayers were about to be answered. Conversations with you further cemented this belief. As we discussed prior to his detox, my husband had been ill for ten years, during which time he was seen by numerous physicians in various specialties. It was and continues to be our experience that too many physicians become inured to the physical and emotional pain of chronic illness. They become focused on writing prescriptions and quickly moving on to the next patient. Quality of life issues are rarely addressed. In rare instances in which they are addressed, most physicians seem inadequate to the task. The patient and his family are left feeling very much alone. 

You, in contrast, had a very different approach from the first moment we spoke. I was impressed from the start with the depth and breadth of your medical knowledge. You were familiar with the problems associated with my husband’s condition, and you worked with us to develop a “game plan” for managing his physical pain, post detox. From the moment we arrived at the hospital to the day of our departure, you were concerned with my husband’s physical and emotional health as well as his spiritual well-being-this latter issue having never been addressed by any of his physicians to date. You always greeted us with a cheerful countenance, and you helped instill in my husband a positive attitude, a belief that all would go well. I had no fear of the detox procedure. I knew that in your hands, my husband would fare well. I knew that you had been blessed from Above and that a Larger Hand was directing events. Notwithstanding the exceedingly high doses of narcotics that my husband had been taking, there were no complications or problems associated with his detox. My husband had no withdrawal symptoms and no side effects from the procedure. He began awakening naturally the night the procedure took place, and he was awake and interacting with us all by the next day. We traveled home with a certain hope that life would return to at least some semblance of normalcy. We have far exceeded that expectation. 

It is now one year post-detox. While my husband takes some medication for pain management, it is a very low dose, approximately one twentieth of his pre-detox dose. His health has improved greatly, as has his outlook on life. He is a different man than the one who entered Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital one year ago. We thank you for giving so much of yourself during my husband’s hospital stay as well as during the subsequent months to his detox. While we are exceedingly impressed with your skills as a physician, we are even more impressed with the care and concern you have for all of your patients and for your fellow man. While many physicians have technical proficiency relative to the art and science of medicine, too many are sadly lacking relative to issues of sensitivity, empathy, and compassion. You have been given a great gift of God, and we have been truly blessed to have benefited from it. 

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers always. 

A grateful wife,
Gainesville, Florida


K.A. Mississippi Sept 3, 2002

I want to not only thank you for saving my life but also giving the meaning of life back to me again. It has truly been such a very long since I had any hope whatsoever. I have never been associated with such compassionate people before in my entire life. You were a Godsend. Opiates had begun to control my every waking moment and you helped me break that vicious cycle. I have a lot of had work ahead but at least I have a chance. At this point that is all I can ask for. God led me to you no doubt. God bless you both and I will keep in touch. With much love and gratitude. 



I wanted to contact you and let you know things are great in my life again. As well, I have not moved out of my home yet so I can be contacted @ my home. My cell number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. In a week or so, I will be temporarily living with my sister. Her number, in Atlanta, is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thank you for all you did. I have already found a job. My self-confidence is finally back. The rapid detox procedure is somewhat of a miracle. Again, call me anytime. 

Thanks again, 



Steve, Lyme Disease

My Lyme symptoms started two and half years before it was finally diagnosed correctly following a Western Blot Lyme test. I tested positive for Lyme disease and tick borne disease coinfections Bartonella and Rocky Mountain spotted fever in September 08.  

Prior to being diagnosed with Lyme disease I was referred to Psychiatrists and Pain Management Specialists none of which even considered my symptoms could be Lyme. Lyme is known to mimic 350 other diseases and my symptoms ranged from pelvic nerve pain radiating down my left leg, chills, severe anxiety, joint pain, loss of appetite, insomnia, lethargic, depressed, memory loss and fuzzy thinking, and decreased motor skills. It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t write my name in cursive because I had lost dexterity and/or communication from my brain to my hands.  

I was referred by my primary care physician to a Psychiatrist that prescribed the following medications over the course of the two plus years of undiagnosed Lyme: Klonopin, Buspar, Lexapro, Effexor, Paxil, Cymbalta, Xanax XR, Xanax, Trazadone, Zoloft, Valium, Prozac, and Zyprexa. All of these medications individually had their own side affects which further contributed to incorrect diagnosis of my symptoms. In addition to the Psychiatrist over this period of time, I was also referred to several Pain Management Specialists from Anne Arundel Medical Center to Johns Hopkins for the nerve pain radiating from my Pelvic area down my left leg. The Pain Management Specialists administered 15 different nerve blocks to include blocks administered through my back under x-ray.  

In addition to the nerve blocks they also performed a procedure to burn and deaden the femoral nerve so that it would not transmit the pain any longer. All of these injections were risky and extremely uncomfortable. In addition to the nerve blocks the Pain Management Specialists prescribed the following pain medications over the same 2 plus year period: Methadone, Opana, Opana XR, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet, Elavil, Nuerotin, and Lyrica.  

As you can imagine the great mimicker Lyme disease together with the Psychiatric medications and pain medications sent my overall health in a downward spiral. Upon the successful diagnosis of Lyme disease, I was treated by an Infectious Disease specialist who inserted a Picc Line in my left arm and administered 30 days of Rocephin. Upon conclusion of the 30 days the Picc line was removed and the Infectious Disease specialist considered my Lyme treatment over.  

I was still experiencing all of the same symptoms and he suggested I go see a Psychiatrist. I didn’t feel I needed a Psychiatrist at this time and after doing our own research I went to a Lyme Awareness Doctor at the National Integrated Health Associates in Washington DC . The Lyme Awareness doctor immediately began oral antibiotic treatment that had me on no fewer than 3 antibiotics at the same time. Over the course of 9 months of treatment by the Lyme Awareness Doctor I was on: Doxycycline, Rifampin, Azithromycin, Flagyl, Levaquin, Bactrim and others that I can’t remember at this time.  

Hind site being 20 – 20 all of this time I was developing a severe stomach infection (Candidiasis) and lost weight from 170 down to 127 lbs. I was following the doctor’s orders directly for increased probiotics and diet and was placed on Diflucan on several occasions over the 9 month period to treat the stomach infection. All the while my stomach infection was getting worse and I was now almost completely unable to eat. Feeling I was at rock bottom a friend of mine who was successfully treated at Florida Detox and Wellness Institute told me of a new IV therapy with mega doses of Vitamin C that was showing promising results for the treatment of Lyme.  

I was unable to eat, had lost 43 lbs., and was experiencing all of my symptoms at their highest point. My wife contacted Florida Detox and Wellness on a Friday morning and we were on a plane on Sunday. During my first appointments at Florida D & W I was extremely weak, couldn’t eat, my immune system was completely shot and as I mentioned earlier I was at rock bottom.  

Florida D & W immediately ordered brain chemistry and major blood work and began administering IV Therapy with mega doses of Vitamin C. During the first week of treatment I received 4 rounds of IV therapy and by the end of the week we were going over most of my blood work and adding mostly natural supplements to aid my fighting the stomach infection, battered immune system and brain chemistry issues. I returned to Florida on two more occasions and have received 19 rounds of IV therapy.  

My killer cell count which had remained under 40 during 9 months of Picc Line and oral antibiotic treatment was now well over 400. The Lyme Awareness Doctor’s that treated me with all of the antibiotics wanted this count to be around 180 before they would cease treatment. With 19 treatments at Florida D & W I had achieved and surpassed the goal of 180 to a high of 464. Most of my Lyme and stomach infection symptoms have subsided and I plan on continuing treatment at Florida D & W for additional IV therapy and adjustments to my brain chemistry to help address anxiety and depression symptoms.  

I hate to think of where I would be if I had continued on the oral antibiotics and not sought out treatment at Florida D & W. After having used over 1000 hours of leave and missing the last 4 months of work I have now returned to work part time working my way back to full time.

Jim, Florida

Dear Dr. Sponaugle, 

I have written and rewritten this letter at least a thousand times in my mind the past few days and nothing comes out with enough thanks and gratitude for you, Rose, Brenda, and Cindy. How do you thank someone who has literally given you back your life? I don’t have the words, yet I will try to express my deepest thanks to all of you. 

The very first time I called your office and Rose answered the phone I felt something that can only be described as a warm guiding light coming from her. She was so helpful and patient with me. I know I am not the only person that was calling her, yet she made me feel that I was the only one who mattered at the moment. She did everything possible to get me in to see the Doctor as though I were his only patient. Her calm and reassuring efficiency helped me make that first step toward getting my life back. Thank you Rose. 

The morning of the actual procedure when my wife and I were greeted by Cindy and then Brenda could have been a time of shame and disgrace. Instead both were so kind and understanding and non-judgmental during the pre-op procedure that any fears I may have had were gone long before the actual procedure started. Brenda and Cindy were gracious to me and took care of me during the difficult moments. They were very reassuring to my wife and even called to let her know when the procedure was over. They both went beyond the call of duty of regular nursing. Thank you Brenda. Thank you Cindy. 

And now Doctor. The moment I met you I felt the presence of God. I have met few men as spiritual as you. In fact it was that very spirituality that led me to trust you and believe this might actually happen. I was almost afraid to hope because I was just about at the end of my rope. I know an act of Divine intervention occurred in bringing me to you. I am eternally grateful to you, Dr. Sponaugle, for everything you did to make this procedure possible for me. 

I owe you so much and will do anything humanly possible for you that I can to show you my gratitude. Your loving continuous care afterwards, even over the holiday weekend, was without a doubt the most Christian example of care that I have ever known. Your spiritual support, your prayers, and your professional attitude leads me to truly believe that God, you, and I have some reason for meeting. 

As I told you I researched this procedure far and wide and nowhere in the world was anyone willing to provide the service that you and your team did. Yes, others do the procedure, but none with God’s hand guiding theirs like you and your staff. I am so grateful.